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  1. pilks1075

    NFL 2017 season!

    Nah mate,beat them 7 of our last 8 I think. Marvin will see the season out come what may. Primetime v the Texans on Thursday...we always shine on that stage...lol.
  2. pilks1075

    NFL 2017 season!

    Said we would go as our offensive tackles went...today Ced Oghbeui offered all the protection of a burst Johnny. Great game plan to leave him on his own v Suggs. Dalton was s**t as well. Our Coaching is abysmal. Can't really criticise the D.Macklin TD was poor, some soft penalties and too much time on the field played a part. Cannot be bothered watching the late games now.
  3. pilks1075

    NFL 2017 season!

    Just crap offensively. Ruining my Sunday.
  4. pilks1075

    PS4 MUT Squads

    I'm looking forward to a crack at this.
  5. pilks1075

    Burfict 5 game suspension

    The thing is Burfict is not wrong in what he does, FB is out on a route but within 5 yrs of the line he should know he is there to be hit.Burfict did not launch into him,did not earhole him which would be a cheap shot. Offensive players are always told to keep their head on the swivel and if this is suspension worthy or illegal, why no flag, it would be in view of the officials. If he is getting 5 games then there should be suspension worthy hits on nearly every play. As you say Dan his reputation goes before guys like Mike Mitchell consistently launch to the head and get nothing.
  6. What a bloody joke, 5 games for a legal hit on the Chiefs FB in last week's preseason game. NFL who denied the concussion issue for years now so high and bloody mighty on player safety. Burfict knocked the FB down with a shoulder to the chest as he came out the backfield on a route, happened within 5yrs of the line of scrimmage..no helmet to helmet contact, it was a hard but legal play that happens week after week. No flags,not even pushing and shoving after the play yet 55 is hit with this. The Bengals should fight this all the way, the 3 game suspension after the Brown hit was a joke but this is just plain wrong. They are going after Burfict and the lazy "thug" narrative even when he has never been in trouble off the field. On it I'll be the first to admit he pushes it but if he was wearing Black and Gold or Purple he would be an enforcer or batsman or chippy...play with the Bengals...thug. Sick to the back teeth of this.
  7. pilks1075

    To return or not, that is the question???????

    Blast from the past indeed mate.Back myself so be good to get a game in.
  8. pilks1075

    Disneyworld - Orlando

    I was there this summer, can't go wrong with the parks...do not miss Flight of Pandora at animal kingdom, it's a SIM ride but it is altogether amazing.
  9. pilks1075

    Clemson v Louisville

    2 most exciting Qbs in the college game, Watson and Jackson, it's been quiet early but it won't stay that way long.
  10. pilks1075


    Lol. Thursday night game was the first decently called game in the last 3 weeks...
  11. pilks1075


    Nah mate against the Steelers it happens every time.
  12. pilks1075


    Bengals just got screwed by NFL officials yet again in a game with their beloved Steelers. Obviously s**tting it that an unlikely comeback was on, refs decided to rule a Steelers fumble late in the 4th as the Bengals were driving. Dunno who watched it but Boyds knee was down and then the ball comes out...goes to replay and I'm thinking game on but they couldn't help themselves...call stands fumble and ahem "f**k Cincy" It's not enough that they also made a pure pookeynoodle of the penalty call and Matavis Bryants TD to give Pittsburgh the wildcard win(changing the catch rule, The Shazier head to head non call rule and the coach on the field non off setting unsportsmanlike call afterwards shows this) It's not enough that they suspend Burfict 3 games for violent conduct (not arguing with the rule but 3 games for infield stuff...unprecedented!) Not enough they conveniently schedule us away from home on the first two games including away at Heinz field in week 2 without our suspended Burfict, all the while reducing LeBron Bells PE f**kinD! suspension by a game ...lol No even mention the Uzomah force out(Bengals should have challenged..) or Dalton getting his lid knocked off well after his pass was away.. Raging is no the word tonight.The Steelers played tough football tonight and we woulda needed a TD and 2pt conversion so no guarantee we would have done it but we were rolling. Unfortunately the NFL and its officials take it out our hands again. Aye it's paranoia...
  13. pilks1075


    I do it for the boxing mate,nothing to long distance. Effective way of ticking over and keeping the weight right. Only do between 5 & 10k but if I have a fight, I will do 3 a week,sometimes 4. Used to hate it but it's a habit now.
  14. pilks1075

    Kap's Protest

    Glad he did it. The irony is there is more of an outcry about the protest than there is about the actual issue of Police brutality; it's been an issue in the US as far back as I can remember.
  15. pilks1075

    Cuts to 53

    Bengals cut PJ Dawson, shocked at this especially when it was to make room for Jeff Driskell! Dawson was a 3rd RD pick only last year and a stud at TCU, honestly expected him to see a lot time this year. Rap on him coming out was poor attitude and a free lancer, not a film guy...possible he has passed the organisation off. I can't see him clearing waivers and then going on the Practice Squad.