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  1. shanew1705

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    With the 99th pick of the 2018 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select DT R.J McIntosh Miami Hurricanes Debated addressing the DL with Chubb at 5, then thought Bryan may fall to me but he went. Decide now is the time to address the DL, was debating taking a CB here also but feel DL is the better value. I like McIntosh, not sure how he would fit in as a 34 guy maybe playing as a DE but think this is a kid vastly underrated @LiquidSolid999 is on the clock
  2. Gotta say feel this has been a joke this year and feel sorry for Dan taking the time to arrange it, and those that have been committed to making picks Some people have taken way too long for picks, some people taking 24+ hours is a joke in my opinion, and even those you have taken 12-24 hours is a joke too, if you know your not gunna be on should be sending a list of 3/4 guys to someone to make the pick on your behalf Started nearly 3 weeks before the actual draft to complete 3 rounds, and looks like the draft is gunna be finished before we are
  3. Can’t complain for my guys I took 3 guys in 3 rounds all went in the first round last night in Nelson, Moore and Penny
  4. Really hoping we can get this done before Thursday but really don’t think we will Disappointing at times how slow this has moved this year
  5. shanew1705

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Haha I literally know and all, but Penguins are awesome hence Let’s go Pens ha
  6. shanew1705

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Will hopefully get to watch the 6th game with those 2 tomorrow Let’s go Pens!
  7. shanew1705

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Watched my first game ever last night in the Penguins and Flyers. Didn’t have much of a clue what was going on like Enjoy it when they start fighting and scrapping though! It’s a lot more physical game than I thought tbh, and I felt like at times it was going at 220mph!
  8. shanew1705

    2018 NFL Draft

    I have the QBs as the following 1. Sam Darnold - If he can address the fumble issues and sitting learning for a year think this kid will turn into a quality QB, and the most likely in my opinion to have the best career of all the QBs in this draft, important he red shirts his first year like Mahomes 2. Josh Rosen - In all honesty I can’t split Rosen or Allen, I’ve put Rosen first though as I think he’s the best QB in this draft especially to start W1, biggest issue is the attitude concerns, I can’t stand him and throw in the injury concerns (shoulders injuries and concussions) means this kid has more question marks than answers. If he shows he can overcome those injuries Rosen is the most likely of all these QBs to have a steady career but nothing amazing 3. Josh Allen - The QB I think who has the heights ceiling, but also the lowest floor in this class. He has an amazing arm and for me the accuracy is looked into way too much when other QBs in this draft didn’t exactly have amazing % completion. Another guy I think is important he red shirts 4. Baker Mayfield - Can’t stand the guy, he’s a very marmite player, you either love him or hate him. For me its the latter can’t stand his cockiness or arrogance, every time he’s mentioned it’s something I just roll my eyes at and think what a b***end, doesn’t behave the way I’d like or expect a rookie to behave 5. Mason Rudolph - The QB in this class I honestly think is massively under rated, did well at college, think he will be drafted in the first round as well. Definitely a QB i’ll Be interested to see where he lands and how he gets on if he gets a chance to step onto the field 6. Lamar Jackson - Just don’t think he will make it in the NFL, no doubt he will be drafted in the first round, but I’m just not sold on him as a QB or to have a lengthy career - and if he does I don’t believe he’ll be a QB1 and most likely become a career back up
  9. Not bad at all, Persoanlly I’d rather see Williams at RT and Greco at RG / or Williams at RG and then someone like Bisnowtany a chance at RT, think Flowers is done
  10. shanew1705

    The 2018 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    With the 71st pick of the 2018 NFL draft, the Denver Broncos select Rashaad Penny, RB, San Diego State Believe it or not, the CJ Anderson news this week had no impact on this pick, I knew I was going to take a RB in this draft at some stage, I did debate it with my previous pick, but felt Moore was too good value to turn down. Again it’s a similar story here, I think pick 71 is brilliant value for this kid, everyone talks about finding the next Kamara or ??? - could this kid be one of those kinda picks in the third? Maybe, however he will need to work on his catching skills, having only had 19 and 15 catches the previous 2 seasons, however on the ground he can be the difference maker. Over 1,000 rushing yards 2 years ago averaging 7.4 yards and 11 TDS, last year he really kicked on doubling his yards by getting over 2,200 rushing yards - the only guy last year to rush for over 2,000 yards (average 7.8 yards) and a lovely 23 TDs. Also has value in the return game, after returning 1 of 2 punts last season for a TD and 2 of 17 kick offs for a TD. With a guy like Nelson paving the way for him up top, this for me is a runnng back to definitely keep an eye out for this draft @Joe is on the clock
  11. Can’t believe Williams lasted until start of the 3rd! Especially considering some of the OL that have been taken before him. Excellent value
  12. Way it’s going might get this completed before the season starts
  13. shanew1705

    Your American Sports/Teams

    After seeing a variety of posts about MLB and NHL recently, thought I’d start a post about what sports you follow in USA, how you got into that sport and the teams you follow and why? Can be NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB/MLS/ and college teams too - as well as anything else I’ve missed out
  14. shanew1705

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    What streams or channels are these usually on then?
  15. Tbf he’s a guy I’ve not known loads about but heard his name cropping up more and more over the last few weeks. I know Daniel Jerimiah is a big fan of his, and looking at footage and his stats he seems like he could become a really good WR in the league Surprised he was still available tbh think he’s a shoe in for a first rounder