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  1. Is it possible to change my username to MPJ900 to avoid confusion please?
  2. Afternoon all. Many years ago I was a very active member of the site, think there may be one or two from that time still here! Life got in the way but I've still been playing a lot of Madden and would be great to get back into an online franchise. Moved over to PS4 these days though, switched from Xbox a couple of years ago. Hope to get involved again asap to keep the offseason boredom at bay!
  3. Like the look of the new site too, Madden only which is a bonus!
  4. What a great league that was!
  5. Thanks for the welcome guys! I do remember that riggs, pretending not to be english! And Grant, well I'm sure I beat you once or twice, we shall see if my defence skills have improved at all!
  6. Hello fellas! Hope you remember me... First Madden game for a couple of years so good to be back playing. And good to see the gang are still here!
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