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  1. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Winti26 yeah, they've had quite the weekend by the looks of it. Who can blame them? As long as they are mostly sober for the parade tomorrow.
  2. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Winti26 Yeah, Vegas isn't truly a 'great' hockey city but it is a big city desperate to have professional sports teams to follow. Their run to the final this year is great locally for the sport and certainly for growth of the fan base in the desert since they are the first pro team to arrive. Like you say, early success will fill the building. It'll be interesting to see how they go next season. They have a decent core and a lot of draft picks and cap space. As for the Caps, last night was a dream. They were so committed in the 3rd period to getting the deficit back and going on to win. This group in this playoff run have been so special. Never gave up, stayed aggressive throughout and found the mentality and guts to win through. To close out all 4 rounds on the road was amazing. I'm so happy for Trotz to finally win the cup. So happy for Ovi and Backstrom; their hug after the end was my favourite moment. So many years they've had to face disappointment and questions about leadership and effort. Last summer I was so down on the team, so tired of not getting it done, not getting past the Pens, not getting out the 2nd round, reading all the articles about how the Stanley door had shut, how they should think about firing Trotz, trade Ovi, take away the captaincy, blow it all up and start again. I wasn't even that excited when the season started. We had an average start but still got it together enough to win the division. We started the playoffs poorly; the game 3 lucky bounce double OT goal in Columbus basically ignited the whole run and Kuznetsov's OT winner in Pittsburgh was probably the most important goal in Caps recent history as it took the monkey off the back of the team and they played so free after it. Man, what a year!!!!! What a playoff run! What an end! I've gone 20 years as a fan waiting for that to happen! Amazing! I'm now off to buy a ton of merchandise to celebrate. Who knows when it'll ever happen again?
  3. QuietLife

    Logo Voting

    I like 10 the most. It just needs something more to make the 'PFL' part pop out.
  4. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Winti26 The last 2 Caps performances have been unbelievable. 2 shutouts against the Lightning offense; amazing. We got quite a bit of puck luck in the second period of game 7 but after all these years of playoff failure I'll take it! I thought the first 10 minutes of the 3rd, where the Lightning didn't have a shot was just a ton of hard work and hustle. Right now this team are playing for each other and they all know their part. It was wonderful to watch. Last May when we whimpered out to the Pens in game 7 of the 2nd round that was my lowest point ever as a Caps fan. Our best roster ever (on paper at least) couldn't get it done. This season with young players like Vrana and and Djoos coming through expectations were just about making the playoffs but here we are in the Stanley! I still can't quite believe it. I'm so happy for Backstrom and Ovi. Finally, after 11 years of not getting it done on the big stage they have a chance of winning the prize. Like any Caps fan who's felt 20 years of dissapointment I've spent the whole playoffs doubting this would happen - see my comments after going 2 games down to Columbus at the start of this thread. Now they just have to keep this level of play going. So looking forward to Monday night.
  5. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Winti26 Yeah. I'm in dreamland at the moment. This is the Caps team I've been waiting for in the playoffs for years. Not being tentative, not being out of sorts, just great hockey. But like you say 0-2 isn't an impossible hole to dig out of. The Bolts have the depth and the stacked roster to come back. All it takes is one win to start to turn it around. Caps need to keep playing as they have been, not take their foot off the pedal, not ease up. I'm excited and terrified at the same time. We're so close to the finals......
  6. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Winti26 Yeah, I am still in a state of shock. Can't believe it. When that goal went in last night for the win I may have woken up some of my neighbours......it's easy to forget that we still need to win another 8 games to make breaking that curse mean something though. Since the Bolts were the best team in the East this year the Caps need to be ready to bring it minute 1 in Tampa on Friday. We'll have Wilson back, hopefully Backstrom's hand is better and he can play. We need him. I think the past couple of games have shown that Vrana was worth a 1st round pick 4 years ago. He needs to be 2nd line from now on. The Knights worked that expansion draft well. I think several teams were more interested in dumping cap and that's why some decent reclamation projects ended up in Vegas and have shown their ability since. Got to give it up to Gallant for turning that roster into a potential SC winner. I think the Jets might have blown their chance with that home loss. But they blew out the Preds in Nashville 3 nights ago and when it's a game 7 anything is possible. Still fancy the Preds; is every Forsberg goal a highlight reel contender?
  7. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Over the Weekend: Vegas finally lost a game! I was surprised by how the Bruins absorbed a lot of shots but made the most of their chances for a big win in Tampa - game 2 tonight will be interesting. The other 3 series are tied at 1-1 and I can see all of them going to at least 6 games; all the remaining teams are very closely matched. Jets have played really well in Nashville, managing to outlast a lot of offense and score on their quality chances. They're a bit unlucky not to be heading back to Winnipeg with a 2 game lead to be honest. The Caps lost a game they should have won last Thursday. Apart from the 4 minutes spell in the 3rd where the Pens put 3 on the board I thought we were the better team. The Pens are streaky through; they can look out of it then score a bunch out of nowhere and put you in a hole. Holts would like the Crosby goal back for a start. Game 2 last night the Caps started out great again then when we went 3 up we got way too passive. If that 2nd 'goal' has stood instead of being waived off it might have been another disastrous collapse. Thankfully we held on. The hard work has only just begun; we now have to at least split the 2 games in Pittsburgh to get back our home ice advantage.
  8. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Bruins wins the battle of Original 6. That was a good series. Great last game. Toronto had a chance after going 4-3 up but Anderson just wasn't strong enough to make a crucial save that might have kept them in it after that. Leafs defense wasn't all that great all series and Matthews wasn't really on fire at any point. But I can't feel sorry for the Leafs, mainly due to the hockey-world-revolves-around-us attitude of their fans. I wonder if they'll try and sign Tavares in the summer? That's been a rumour since I can't remember when. Tonight is Caps/Pens game 1. Here we go again. I have no idea of how the series will play out this year. The last 2 seasons have taught me to go in with low expectations so I expect the Pens to win in 6 or 7. It's up to the Caps to finally make everyone believe that it's going to turn out any different.
  9. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Caps make 2nd round winning 4 games straight! Yes! Caps face Pens in 2nd round for 3rd time in 3 years.......damn! We are never winning that based on the prior history of playoff series between the teams. I hate the playoff seeding in place in the NHL these days because this is what happens. Take it back to the old days of 1 v 8, 2 v 7 etc.
  10. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Pens through. Do I even want the Caps to win out against CBJ when we'll just come up against our 1-11 playoff series nemesis in round 2?
  11. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Winti26 Soft short handed goal that was. Holtby bounced back though and kept us in the game in the 3rd when we had only 1 shot to their 17. OT was a different matter as we looked strong and a nice tip in for the win. Still, I could do without these cardiac OT games. Now to see if the Caps can actually keep the momentum going and close this series out on Monday night. Thought the Bruins would close out last night but no and did anyone think the Flyers would get it to game 6?
  12. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    The only thing that really annoys me about CBJ (apart from Tortorello obviously, can't stand anything about that guy) is that stupid cannon when they score. I can't stand it. Fingers crossed it doesn't even see action tonight. After last night the Pens look like a 2nd round cert now. Philly just looked gassed towards the end of last night's game, like they didn't have any answers for Murray's goaltending and the speedy offense of their opponents. Preds also looking good. Forsberg's goal last night was a great example of strength, speed and twig work. How it grinds my gears that the Caps traded him away for Erat and Latta back in 2013. Worst move ever by the Caps. I'm also really looking forward to the Sharks/Vegas 2nd round. 2 unbeaten teams in the 2nd round meet; who loses first?
  13. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Caps win a game!!!! It's not going to be a sweep at least. It took a 2nd OT period and a lot of puck luck but a win is a win. Fingers crossed we can return to D.C. with a 2-2 series tie. HUGE game on Thursday now. And congratulations to Vegas. Sweeping the Kings in your first ever playoff series is amazing. They can certainly teach older expansion teams (cough...Caps...cough) a thing or 2 about taking your regular season form into the playoffs.
  14. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    As a Caps fan the past few years have shown me that my team can always find another way not to win playoff games. So far this year they have taken this to a whole new level. Last night was in a lot of ways the classic Caps playoff experience. Heavily out-shoot the opponents. Opposing goalie makes some great timely saves. Caps blow a 2 goal lead twice. Caps give up bone-headed penalties and struggle on the PK. Having leveled the game we get a PP for the last 2 minutes but can't get the win in regulation. Then lose in OT as usual. So this is beginning to smell of a sweep. I didn't expect the Caps to win this series easy but at the moment it's not even a contest. Columbus are playing looser and just never quit and the Caps are doing that usual thing of not putting the foot down when you get a multi-goal lead and just sitting back. This has been the Caps problem since I can remember, we are unable to finish off teams in playoff games. I don't understand how the Pens and Flyers keep lurching from one shellacking to another. Pens won game 3 easily last night. And the Knights; I take back what I said about them. So far in 3 games they have looked the real deal. Can they sweep the Kings?
  15. QuietLife

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    And there it goes. 82 games to win the Metro and amass 105 points and home advantage in round 1 and 2 and it's farted down the toilet in the opening game. To be honest I am numb to this now. Blow a 2 goal lead, retake the lead with 8 minutes left then give up a stupid penalty which quickly ties the game and then the Caps do their usual in OT - don't win it. Same old story, Caps learn nothing. Look at the Pens; come out in game 1 and stomp hard on their opponents. This is the difference between a team that is a winner and a team that just 'hopes' to win. Looking at all the results it's interesting that the 2 teams that didn't win their home opener in the past 2 days were the teams that have continually failed to take their regular season form into the postseason; Caps and Ducks.