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  1. Alex Smith

    And the Skins extended Smith's contract by 4 years...... I don't know what to think about this other than it's a terrible deal in that we swap a QB for an older QB who is potentially cheaper but not necessarily any better. All because Dan and Bruce didn't get Cousins re-signed 3 seasons ago like they should have and then gave him an insulting offer part way into the 2016 season. Fuller had a great season, 4 interceptions and good potential in the slot corner position and was young and cheap, just what we need as we retool the roster yet again. Cousins holds most of the Redskins passing records. Yeah he didn't ever win a playoff game and had a bad fail in the final game against the Giants in the 2016 season that cost us a playoff spot that year but to hold all the team records that he does whilst being part of a completely dysfunctional organisation with rotating offensive coordinators, rotating receiving core and an average at best offensive line. I'm not saying he's elite but he could have got you close if you could ever have managed to build a decent supporting cast around him. Mind you, that was never going to happen under the current owner and his flunky GM.
  2. Wildcard Weekend

    Love this.
  3. XBOX One X

    If you have a 4K TV or are upgrading to one soon then get the X. You'll get noticeably better visuals and better performance. If it's being hooked to a 1080p TV then you still get the performance boost but the visuals downsampled from 4K to 1080p and without any HDR may seem almost indistinguishable from the XB1 you have now. Also be aware that you'd be subject to the 4K texture file size bloat that comes as default. It may have a 1T drive but the games you load will nearly double in install size so it's not that much of a win.
  4. Nfl Week 7

    Saw this during my lunch today (was watching the 40 minute version). Bonkers end. Chiefs can't complain about the 2 flags; both looked legitimate to me.
  5. NFL Pick'ems Week 3 result

    And I thought I did terrible this week. Glad I wasn't the only one suffering through some unexpected results.
  6. NFL Week 3

    Just finished watching it. A great display on both sides of the ball from the Skins - that doesn't come along often.
  7. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    I was thinking the same thing. I have reached my high point already; it's all downhill from here.
  8. NFL 2017 season!

    Neither can I. I don't want to become THAT whinging Skins fan but I don't see how that 'fumble' and TD is not called back. His arm is coming forward, he's released the pass before he get's hit. He doesn't lose his grip on the ball, it's not jarred out of his hand. It's not even a 50/50 decision to overturn. It just feels like that went to New York and they just went 'Oh, they won't change their name, screw them.' The way the close game changing calls have gone for the Skins in the past few seasons I just know if that had been the other way round that would have been called back instantly. Outside of that the Skins were terrible, Eagles weren't much better. Neither team looks likely to be troubling much more than a 9-7 record at best. Our D looked okay for a change, Offence just looked like they hadn't even stood on the same practice field for the past month. 0-4 in opening games under Gruden. I think he needs to start looking at why he and his coaches can't get the roster ready for opening day.
  9. NFL Week 1

    SnapDan; do you mind me asking who you're using to place the accumulator?
  10. NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    Joined as well.
  11. Game Pass

    If they're live on Sky, yes. At least that's how it's been for the past few years.
  12. PFL Coaches

    Name : Martin NFL Team : Hail to the Redskins Other sports team/s : Washington Capitals (Best team in the NHL 2 years running......at choking in the playoffs) First Madden game : The first ever Madden on the Megadrive - was it just called John Madden football? Other favourite games : This year it's been Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 and Forza Horizon 3 on the XB1.
  13. Madden 17 cover/Discussion

    Yes I agree, gameplay first every time but EA Canada can get correct strips for 100's of teams in FIFA along with loads of accurate football boots but EA Tiburon can't get it right for 32 teams.
  14. Madden 17 cover/Discussion

    It certainly all sounds very exciting from what I've read and they've even finally updated the player equipment for the first time since 2005 - I know that was an important item for me to provide some much needed authenticity to the supposed 'sim' game that Madden thinks it is. I mean you have to take some of what EA say with a pinch of salt considering how they've consistently under delivered year after year on this game but right now I actually think I might dip my toe back into Madden after a couple of iterations away.
  15. Madden 17 Wishlist

    This. The fact that you can't decide who is on special teams is ridiculous. And as pointed out above, the Madden challenge system is beyond poor. The other game got it right a decade ago, why are we still waiting?