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  1. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Eagles Patriots Sunday night! The last competitive game till September Think its been one of the best play offs I can remember hopefully the superbowl goes one better! Lets go Eagles
  2. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Brilliant game, really enjoyed it. Wonder what went on with the patriots benching Butler, the way Foles diced them up maybe he would have been a help, but Bellicheck's pride? Came before winning a superbowl it seems
  3. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    I wonder how much everyone always saying the pats will always win with 4th quarter comebacks and are never dead etc gets into the players heads. The jags had them buried and looked like they just rolled over. Like I wonder if the Eagles are a score up and have to punt they'll just roll over for them the same because that's what is expected. Just like man u were known for injury time goals under fergie, I bet players just expected it was coming so it did!
  4. Alex Smith

    The rumours are over... Alex Smith traded to the Redskins for a 3rd round pick and Kendall Fuller I don't know why the redskins would do this to save a couple million on kirk Cousins. Id rather have cousins! Unless of course he said he wasn't signing.
  5. XFL is back

    I never used to watch the NFL back when the XFL was started, I did used to watch wrestling and remember it being advertised constantly during them shows though. Yesterday Vince McMahon announced it will be returning http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/22213241/vince-mcmahon-gimmick-free-xfl-return-2020 Is this a chance for Kapernick and Johnny Manziel to get back into football
  6. XFL is back

    It could mean another 2K game to rival Madden and make EA step up tho. Looks like he wants in
  7. So what a treat we are in for this weekend! Some stars on show, 4 QBs who've combined for 5 Superbowls! Blake Bortles, Nick Foles, Case Keenum and Tom Brady! Jags @ Patriots 8:05 Sunday Vikings @ Eagles 23:40 Sunday Vikings the first ever team to make a championship game when hosting a superbowl... Yup I bet you've heard that more than 'British/London born Jay Ajayi' I'm hoping for a Jags Vikings Superbowl but if anyone other than the Pats win I'll be happy would be remarkable for the Jags going for 4th? Pick in the draft to a superbowl. Jags and Vikings are my picks this week!
  8. Nfl Championship weekend

    cool that means Eagles Jaguars at Wembley next year will be a superbowl rematch
  9. After what I think was one of the best wildcard weeks I've seen games wise (maybe not the bills jags) we are on to the divisional round! Falcons Eagles - Saturday 9.35pm Titans Patriots - Sunday 1.15am Jaguars Steelers - Sunday 6.05pm Saints Vikings - Sunday 9.40pm Once again I think the titans are involved in the worst game but I was wrong last week so hopefully the titans and marinoodle can do the world a favour I'm going Falcons Patriots Jaguars Saints
  10. Divisional round NFL

    Really happy with the teams that went through apart from the pats Foles, keenum, bortles... That's some championship level QBs Jags Vikings is the one I want. See the Vikings are the first team hosting a superbowl to make it as far as the championship game.
  11. London Games - 2018

  12. London Games - 2018

    NFC West playing afc West. I've saw hawks v Raiders and Eagles v titans
  13. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Awesome job man. Well done
  14. London Games - 2018

    Seahawks Raiders is the talk of a few beat writers on twitter. Probably rubbish but I can dream!
  15. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    @dwevans looks really good mate, just wondering if it takes in to consideration remaining seasons? Like in the PFL we do 4 seasons so the value of a 1st round in year 1 is a lot higher than year 3 as you get 3 seasons to play with a rookie not just 1. Does allow that data to go into consideration?
  16. Wildcard Weekend

    Titans @ Chiefs - 9.35pm Saturday Falcons @ Rams - 1:15 Sunday AM Bills @ Jaguars - 6:05 Sunday Panthers @ Saints - 9:40 Sunday. Kind of strange but nice in a way not being involved in the play offs this year for my hawks, will just get to watch the games and not go through the drama! Pretty good looking games for the first weekend, starting off with the worst one imo but the other 3 look close and hard to predict. I'm going Chiefs Falcons Jaguars Panthers
  17. The 2017 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Look at our mock... Some of the teams Gms should have listened to us
  18. Wildcard Weekend

    Yo juggernaut... Where you at
  19. Black Monday

    Lions just fired Caldwell
  20. Black Monday

    Fire Bevell, fire Cable! So tired of watching this dumpster fire offence, where the playbook is 'please Russell, do something'. People saying the window is closing blah blah blah while we have Wilson that window is open. How he has more TDs than any other QB in the league in this offence shows the type of wizard he is And Blair Walsh...
  21. Black Monday

    Saw big Bruce from the cardinals said he was sick of talking about his future without ever actually ruling retirement out lol Cardinals could be making a move for Todd bowles I saw on the rumour mill. BoB contract expires next season and I saw he could be traded and it's a kind of him v the GM stand off.
  22. Joes 2017 £££ Fantasy League

    Lucky you didn't play me every week.
  23. PFL Coaches

    OK guys I want to have a little section where people can learn a little about their opponents/community members, some of you will be playing each other for the first time and I want to have a page where you can check and learn a little bit about each other, just a little conversation starter etc so I want every league member to post below like mine and then once they are all done I'll get them all put onto one page so it's easy to look at. Name : Danny NFL Team : Seahawks Other sports team/s : Birmingham City First Madden game : 2016 Other favourite games : Football manager/Fifa/Rocket League Just simple and quick but a good way to learn something about your fellow members. @nicelub @rayski @Bos @Aaron @ZoSo @Vondia @StueyH111 @PaulG @Mcmanus @DaBurg864 @helimachoptor @DanMcGrath77 @shatnersbassoon @HLR Milo @dr_volki @Shmarky @Burnzee Boyee @TopLoader@forzambri1993 @Coco0981 @RainbowDoc @Triangle King @Scottyob @Willo @SPARKYR008 @hubblewiffle @Winti26 @fortworthjoe @PatsUK @Ken2Blitzkrieg@tripperman28
  24. NFL 2017 Pro Bowl

  25. NFL 2017 Pro Bowl

    I'm happy to see Budda Baker But pro bowl are just number crunchers. Jimmy Graham has 9 TDs which is ranked 3rd in the nfl and 1st in TEs, so from them he should be but you know I'm not a fan of his so wouldn't have picked him either