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  1. Thanksgiving Game Day

    damn I went 3-0 and didn't bet on it
  2. Thanksgiving Game Day

    Vikings, Chargers and Racists! Looking forward to these kicking off great to have football all night rather than watching the europa league
  3. How do i get better on D

    I've heard a blue pill improves the performance of your D
  4. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Nice I'll maybe do one tonight. Trey Adams is one of the best OT in the draft but with him being ruled out for the year with an injury dunno if someone would take a chance in the 1st. Nice read bud, surprised to see it
  5. Nfl Week 10

    Sherman's season is done. Definitely not a good year to be a top 10 player in your position. That 'injured team' flying around on twitter would probably be the best team in the league
  6. Nfl Week 10

    They could have waited another week now his first game back will be the hawks on Christmas eve
  7. Nfl week 9 & trade

    D A M N dolphins giving the Eagles Ajayi for a 4th!
  8. Nfl week 9 & trade

    Very difficult game to take last night Seahawks. Saw a lot of over reaction on twitter to the loss by some usually level headed bloggers and stuff. The redskins are getting lots of praise this morning and will do all week, there pressure was amazing to wilson, when your QB has to run the ball 10 times you know the defence is doing a good job, Zach Brown bad a brilliant game. The OL had looked much better last few weeks, but they looked like the one that played the packers week 1 yesterday. Annoying though, it still feels like we beat ourselves, we missed 3 field goals, the Redskins didn't make plays on them, it was a perfect hold etc just Blair Walsh messed all 3 up. Don't think 400+ yards of offence is a disaster, but missing 3 field goals is. Hopefully get it back on track Thursday night v the Cardinals. You can't win them all!
  9. Nfl week 9 & trade

    That's the texans done I'd say, there's no QB out there who can keep up with the amount of points this defence is gonna give up to good teams. People mention Kap but I don't think he's good enough either. Giving up Brown at LT looks even worse after this because now they have the statue back in the pocket with a bad OL. Loved the game last week win or lose it was enjoyable and Watson was a huge part of that. Really bad for the Texans too that they don't have a 1st or 2nd pick after what looks like it's going to be a really bad year
  10. Nfl week 9 & trade

    Yeah that's what I thought. Or trying to get another team to do a bears and help them. Out even more
  11. NFL Week 8

    Texans Seahawks game of the year!
  12. NFL Week 8

    Trade deadline week think the deadline is Tuesday? Wonder if we see any action, hopefully the Hawks find a home for Jimmy Graham before then! Dolphins Ravens tonight, I don't think there is a Thursday night game since watching the NFL I've ever looked forward to less than this one. I may just watched condensed in the morning rather than staying up. Think it looks like it could be 3-3 I know now I've said this it's going to be the best game of the year
  13. Jabrill Peppers - Latest Roster Update

    He's lucky it's that high tbf
  14. NFL Week 8

    Jags picking up Dareus from the Bills for a 6th
  15. Favourite Song From Madden 18 Soundtrack

    Stormzy big for your boots!
  16. Nfl Week 7

    Great game last night if anyone didn't watch. Bet the Chiefs fans are fuming, the refs didn't wanna end that game until the Raiders had the win
  17. Nfl Week 7

    The way he escaped the sack when the pocket and Dline fell on top of him was awesome.
  18. Adrian Peterson

    Normal service as in the last season. If that has to wait till the end of the season, then so does surely sucking him off all week for his first 100 yard game in 2 years
  19. Adrian Peterson

    He had palmer for a half tho, not like he went down straight away Doubt kap's phone will ever ring again to be honest. Can see the media circus being way too much of a distraction for any HC's liking
  20. Adrian Peterson

    Brought up again after his one good game since 2015. So feels right to bring up normal service seems to have been resumed. 1.9 yards per carry against one of the worst rushing defences in the league so far. http://www.espn.com/nfl/statistics/team/_/stat/rushing/position/defense
  21. Nfl Week 7

    Apparently Marshawn Lynch ran on the field to protect Marcus Peters not get after someone for a late hit on his QB lol
  22. NFL Week 6

    So the NFL is on the same game week as the PFL this weekend some pretty good games this weekend. Think the Thursday Night game looks really good, Eagles Panthers. Really looking forward to Jaguars Rams too, be interesting to see who wins that game, will be routing for the Jags! Browns officially benched Kizer for Kevin Hogan too, Hue Jackson must be feeling a little pressure for his job, maybe he should get some advice from that dolphins OL coach on how to keep calm
  23. NFL Week 6

    Didn't expect this
  24. NFL Week 6

    7-0 Jets go on beat the Pats!
  25. fao admins

    I ain't a commish in that league bud @tripperman28 and @ZoSo only one who can send invites