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  1. Peer disconnection in Madden 18

    I played shatners the other night and we didn't have a disconnect during the game
  2. QB only league - daily advance

    I'll be up for this hoping to create a QB and you know who I'm selecting Keenan Allen, Tyrell Williams, Travis Benjamin, Mike Williams, Dontreal Inman, Hunter Henry, Antonio Gates, Melvin Gordon what a group to be passing to
  3. NFL Survivor week 1

    Congratulations to @ZoSo won the first round of survivor We restarting this for another round?
  4. Nfl week 4

    This could end up like the 04 draft chargers and giants in TOP 5 picking QBs in a stacked class,
  5. NFL Survivor week 1

    I'm out already that was quick
  6. F2F week 1

    Think ambient wooshing and myself could have a very tight finish if Keenan Allen has a big game tomorrow night,
  7. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    I know the feeling I have Mike Evans, Jay ajayi and oj howard in one league all out now and my opponent has zeke back his backup was Doug martin
  8. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    Going set a group me for each division, thought be easier if anyone wanted to quick trade offers threw out the season
  9. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    beidh ceann agam duit chomh maith
  10. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    Just realised that as i tried putting in the password, best of luck lads dea-ádh agus taitneamh a bhaint as
  11. Fantasy football Madden PFL League's

    Just about to join up now, oh I'm on the high stool watching Ireland so could interesting picks made
  12. Coach goals

    Each Madden i set myself some goals for madden 17 it was have a finish better then 4-12, finish off the bottom of the division and finally no more shut outs at least a field goal, For Madden 18 my goals are continuing my run of no shut outs, try get a 8-8 finish or better again and the tricky one of all last, learn to user a player other then a defensive lineman and get a user pick. I thought be interesting to see if other people set goals like this
  13. NFL on Sky Sports?

    Same as heli use game pass every day with no problems,
  14. NFL Week 1

    Kansas Cty @ New England NY Jets @ Buffalo Philadelphia @ Washington Oakland @ Tennessee Tampa Bay @ Miami Jacksonville @ Houston Arizona @ Detroit Atlanta @ Chicago Baltimore @ Cincinnati Pittsburgh @ Cleveland Indianapolis @ LA Rams Seattle @ Green Bay Carolina @ San Francisco NY Giants @ Dallas New Orleans @ Minnesota LA Chargers @ Denver