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  1. NFL Week 15

    Were playing great football on offense and defense, but we just keep taking field goals in the redzone, so that could be a little concerning, the match up with Allen and Peters could be critically to the game, I think our receivers could have fun v the secondary of chiefs,
  2. NFL Week 15

    Some big play off implications this weekend, also last Thursday night game of the season also tonight Broncos at Colts, not an exciting match up, both team's are just looking to get done for the season with no major injuries, Double header Saturday night with possible the most intriguing game on with chargers at chiefs, who would have thought in week 4 that this could be for the divisional lead, chargers at 0- 4 struggling to score points, chiefs at 4-0 and looking like super bowl favourites
  3. NFL week 14

    Good win against the redskins on Sunday, big game against the chiefs Saturday night for the division lead, think it's going to be a cracking game´┐╝
  4. Help a PEN Member out

  5. What's your sporting Bucket List ???????

    Done F1 gp Hungary Thomond park European rugby night, Ireland England soccer game FAI cup final Still to do Leinster Munster rugby, European rugby final, College game Dublin, College game Florida gators or texas A&M, Chargers home game, LeMans 24hour race Monza F1
  6. Thanksgiving Game Day

    Same here
  7. Thanksgiving Game Day

    Great performance by our bolts, rivers was on fire
  8. Thanksgiving Game Day

    Some great match ups today, the Vikings Lions has the potential to be a cracker of a game with Vikings looking to extend there lead in the division, Vikings for me Chargers Cowboys is an interesting one both team's have great potential, but can also be very poor by time's, with playoffs in the balance I expect both to come out and play to there best and have a close game, chargers for me and we will some air guitar action from Austin Ekler in the end zone as well, Giants Redskins, definitely not the excitement around this match up we expected at the start of the year, giants are a team that's underperforming and banged up, redskins are just inconsistent, cousin's wants a big pay day he needs to win a game like this and win big to prove to the redskins and any other franchise interested in him he's worth big money, redskins for me
  9. Thanksgiving Game Day

    Vikings @ Lions Sky Sports 5:00, kick off 5:30 Chargers @ Cowboys Sky Sports 9:00, Kickoff 9:30 Giants @ Redskins Sky Sports 1:00, kickoff 1:30
  10. Nfl week 11

    I'm actually surprised by that move, yes there struggling, but I think the problem is more a lack talent at QB and well he's not made that mess that's on elway, I feel for the guy he's a good offensive coordinator in the right spot
  11. Nfl week 11

    Defense really stepped up and dominated against the bills, Keenan was back to his old self burning dbs for two tds, Austin Ekler and Gordon had good day on the ground, now onto the cowboys for thanksgiving
  12. How do i get better on D

    Yeah I'm struggling with pass defense, can't stop anything even a 3rd and 23 , I have tried improving prc, awr on all player's, dline also block shed, tackle and power/finesse moves, dbs coverage, tackle aswell but no difference imo
  13. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Stuck with a qb or a kicker
  14. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Using current draft order which leaves us 7 or 8th, not where we should finish but it's a fun doing it with the order now seeing who could be available for us
  15. Scotty's Mid season Mock

    Good job mate, there's alot of differences between yours and mine, I'm currently on pick 26 so should be finished tomorrow