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  1. Welcome to the site mate, you’ll enjoy it, great community
  2. @MichaelHiles24 we got a new member interested in the arena league on Xbox if you can get him sorted @tripperman28 @DaBurg864 @fortworthjoe
  3. Sooo when are we drafting? just kidding, good luck guys sure you’ll do a great job.
  4. Thanks for the welcome (goes to everyone) Yeah I am, I posted in the pro 8 Xbox league so hopefully I can get started in there but open to join any league. i am from Shropshire and I like the Seahawks (I'm not a bandwagon haha) I got friends in the Seattle area and went to 2 Hawks games last year!!
  5. Hi, my name is Nick i just signed up and if anyone fancies a game my GT is hitthesticks10 on XB1 thanks
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