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  1. Ah, makes sense! Thanks for the clear up!
  2. Haha! Well what can I say, I've been a fan of both of them through thick and thin, I am very proud to say I am an Irish fan this year! Not so much the Jets
  3. So trading is done through this website and not through connected careers?
  4. I am trying to get in as well, this will be my 3rd posting haha! Trying to get the Browns in the XPress league! I love this website-easy to navigate!
  5. Hey guys, just trying to get myself into the XPress league. I thought I would just tell you guys about myself and if there is anyone who can relate to my problems haha! I live in Idaho, and used to play football-injuries cut my short, and I love to play NCAA 13 and Madden 13. As of lately though, I can't stand Madden online, Everyone plays FAG D and perfect man to man with 100% squib and onside kick recoveries. Where is the SIM style of play? I can't stand losing to people who cheese me out of a win, but I do love pure competition and if I lose because it was a fair game, by all means, you deserve that win. My favorite teams are The Jets and Falcons, college ball, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Hope to join soon!
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