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  1. have done pal, DanLUFC (original i know) P.S. Sorry for derailing thread
  2. awesome, i play a lot of fifa might goosey over and take a look
  3. thanks man, is it my old email too? or is it the one i created the new one with?
  4. because i miraculously logged in entering the same password i got from Stu on twitter even though entering it the same way it didnt work any other time and the Captcha doesnt load on my screen so i cant reset my password, so i thought instead of hassling people to reset it, ill just make a new one
  5. Hi guys, I'm not a new member, just a returning one with the username: DannyNFL. I left due to my gf having a babay and not having time to wipe my own bum!! but now im back and i have my own time again. Im hoping to join a league and become an active member of the site. Its good to be back
  6. started a new CCM last night with Chuck Pagano and the Colts, great start to the season with a 21 - 14 win over the Bears at Soldier Field and then a very impressive win over the vikings 31 - 3 with luck getting a passer rating of 110.5, 342 yds, 9/10 att 90% comp rate, 3 TD's and 0 INT's. Very good game by the Rookie. Jags next :)

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    2. DanPitt


      you'll be surprised to find out that it was Collie who was the main man having 4 for 262 yds

    3. tdavey88


      Collie will be injured before long, love him as a player but he's made of glass.

    4. DanPitt


      yeah i had to sub him from the vikes game because he bruised something and wasnt risking it lol, havent had chance to play over the weekend but really looking forward to the jags game

  7. hmmm who to start a new CC with...

  8. brilliant site and fantastic admin, keep up the good work guys
  9. im very interested in this, i was OK at madden before but my internet has been down so i havent played competetively for about 4 months
  10. didnt even know there was a Fifa league website just signed up
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