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All Nfl Redraft

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@Xbox Commissioner  @PFL Coach  @PS4 Commissioner

With the PFL seasons coming to an end and the nfl another month and a bit away would many people be interested in an ALL NFL REDRAFT.

Randomised snake style draft to build a full nfl 53 man roster out of current nfl players (inclueding players drafted this year). Each gm could do up a depth chart and a breakdown of their roster after with a vote to determine the best team/teams with an eye on next season and future seasons

We could even draft HC's, OC's & DC's to make it more interesting to determine team styles etc.

Depending on numbers it could take up to a month to complete the draft so a bit of commiment would be needed, people could pair up if needed.

Any intetest or extra ideas.?


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@Scottyob Sounds fun, I’m in 👍🏼

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3 spots down, We'd probably need 12-15 people so we dont end uo with MUT teams. @Cardy @BodsRFC have ye any ideas to make it more interesting.?

Things like you have to draft a a player from your favourite team or no more than 3 players from any team or anything

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