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  1. I know he has struggled, but 51 Zone for a safety Absolutely savage from the ratings guy
  2. Cardy

    Favourite Song From Madden 18 Soundtrack

    The whole soundtrack is starting to grind me down now, I think I've played too much When that appalling Steve Aoki song starts playing
  3. Cardy

    NFL Pick'ems Week 7 result

    I forgot to do it
  4. Cardy


    Eat until I vomit
  5. Cardy

    Delay/Lag issues playing online

    I've missed quite a lot of kicks because of this
  6. Cardy

    Jags v Ravens

    Well that was wink
  7. Cardy

    Jags v Ravens

    Me & the Mrs are stuck up in the upper tier somewhere She'll be happy if there are lots of shots of Flacco on the big screen for her to perv over
  8. Cardy

    NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    Week 3 is quite tough
  9. Cardy

    NFL Week 2

    The Ravens defence
  10. Cardy

    NFL 2017 season!

    Andy Dalton throwing the ball away on 4th down is quite something
  11. Cardy

    NFL 2017 season!

    3 turnovers in the first half for the Ravens
  12. Cardy

    NFL 2017 season!

    This Ravens defence could be special if they can stay healthy
  13. Cardy

    Madden 18 Thoughts

    The week one roster update is really shoddy How can a juggernaut like EA Sports not get confirmed 53 man rosters right Only checked the Ravens after this evening's update but they have missed 3 UDFAs who have made the roster in Jaylen Hill, Patrick Ricard and Bam Bradley They have inexplicably moved Nose Tackle Brandon Williams to LE
  14. Cardy

    NFL Pick'ems Week 1

    Deleted now The mobile site didn't load properly on my phone so I accidentally created a new one when I thought I was joining yours
  15. Cardy

    Do your job

  16. Cardy

    Game Pass

    The Xbox app auto-dims the screen for me every 10 mins or so No big issue, but it's quite annoying having to constantly flick the controller to keep it awake and it's killing my batteries
  17. Cardy

    Pre Season Week 3

    Ravens defence looks formidable UDFA CB Jaylen Hill is making play after play
  18. Cardy

    Madden 18 Thoughts

    Anyone else finding that User fumble recoveries aren't being credited to players in CFM?
  19. Cardy

    Madden 18 Thoughts

    Jukes / spins actually work I've managed to pull off a few brilliant kick returns / RAC runs - last year it all felt too samey - Now it feels like the best players matter
  20. Cardy


    I kept on phasing out and going on my phone & missing quick time events so my draft grade ended up being crap It was okay, I'd rather they put the time and resource into CFM though
  21. Cardy

    England vs Russia Violence

    Horrible to see, especially the Russian nutters charging the England end at the final whistle, with security seemingly non-existent Any England fans going to Russia 2018 are a lot braver / stupider than me
  22. Cardy

    New (old) Top Gear

    I like Matt LeBlanc but I think it could do without Chris Evans squeaking and running round the studio like a hyperactive kid
  23. Cardy

    Defence help!

    When I was starting off I always found it safest to user control a D-Lineman.. That's where you can do the least damage if you mess up really.. Or a blitzing linebacker. Then when you feel a bit more confident in the game try a coverage linebacker or a safety Tbh I still user a D-Lineman a lot of the time now
  24. Cardy

    Draft Day 2016

    Keenan Reynolds seems like an interesting pick for the Ravens QB / RB / WR / KR
  25. Cardy

    Draft Day 2016

    The Buccs mustn't have been able to believe it They managed to trade down and get an extra 4th round pick and still land on the player they wanted anyway