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  1. Jip can’t find game arrangements
  2. @TopLoader maybe I’m just used to other madden sites, where the option are announcem league rules owners list game arrangements stuff like that, it just felt like a lot of topics on this site, didn’t really know where to go to join or to see open teams or if there is a chat?
  3. Thanks @aidopotato , my PSN id: moreno2715 Just a few questions 1 where do I schedule matches or trade propose 2 Do we keep our teams for M19? Thanks again
  4. Please I would love to join I am a PS4 guy and would love them Cowboys, thanks guys
  5. Hey guys this site is really confusing, I want to know what teams are open and if I can join again?
  6. Hallo all I'm a South African, been playing madden since madden 98! I am a Denver Broncos fan and hope next week is going to turn out well for us! I also have some love for the Seahawks after me and my wife went to Seattle for our honeymoon
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