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Found 4 results

  1. It's August football season is around the corner with training camps in full swing and pre-season kicking off in days, so it's time to look at our fantasy football league's and who we would love to draft on our team, I'm hoping to set up a maddenpfl fantasy football league for fun, there won't be a limit on places as we can spilt in to two division's and have promotion relegation next season if the interest is there, have added a poll for what site to use for it, draft will be held on the one of the nights determined by a vote Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before regular season, if your interested stick your name down, 1, Myself, 2, Aaron, 3, Heli, 4, Shatners, 5, Shmarky, 6, Murtaghbatwar, 7, SnapDan, 8, Scottyob, 9, Rayski, 10, toby 11, Hubblewiffle, 12, Kingjimi, 13, Kingjimi brother, 14, Triangle king, 15, drvolki, 16, stueyh111, 17, Daburg, 18, McManus, 19, beyond the game, 20, ramburgers, 21, ja15, 22, hulldolfan,
  2. So it hit me after watching @Mcmanus & @Ianoy playing the Pro 8 superbowl the other night. What about opening a shout box for just that purpose if enough people were interested while a game was being streamed? We could have it just for the playoffs, WC, Divisionals, Conference and the big one the Superbowl. Thoughts?
  3. Burnzee Boyee

    Retro Franchise League?

    Based on an idea from earlier with Phil...how would the idea sit with most folk of having a Retro Franchise league for madden when the XBOX ONE is released? The main basis being that there will be no backward compatibility for games & the next Madden may not be perfect in its form - many haven't been -when released on a new platform, so we could keep one running on the 360. If there are enough numbers I would like to suggest, with the backing of the admins of course, that we have a ten season -or longer if the interest is sustained- career from madden 25 and have a league called the 'Retro Franchise' installed with the sole idea of having a humongous career span for the coaches involved. During this time we could see possibly options such as 'Fire Coach' on which could make every season more interseting as everyone struggles to keep the team they have chosen and then built to their desire, on track for the ultimate prize of the Superbowl. It would also allow us to see how those 'potential' superstars turn out...will they be a class act in 5-6 years, will they be HOF candidates...or will they bomb? Will there be a standout HC over the course? As I say it's only an idea at the embrionic stage but I do think this would be brilliant. Thoughts? Discuss....
  4. StueyH111

    View New Content Button

    Not sure if everyone is using this button or not, but I mentioned it to someone the other day and they had never noticed it before. The 'View New Content' button in the grey bar, and situated towards the top right hand corner of the page is ideal to keep up to date with what has happened since you last were on the site. Just in case anyone else hadn't noticed it. If you have, just ignore me.