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  1. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Sorry to hear you leaving us buddy. Will no doubt see you around in the forum's. I like most take it to the extreme the amount of time dedicated to Madden. Totally understand the need to step back especially after what's sounds like a garbage year. All the best in every walk of life pal. Craig
  2. Help a PEN Member out

  3. Favourite Song From Madden 18 Soundtrack

    Easy. Whatever it takes Imagine Dragons. Favourite band, watching them in Manchester on March 3rd 2018
  4. PFL Coaches

    Name : Craig NFL Team : Dolphins Other sports team/s : Newcastle Utd First Madden game : God! PC and Sega Mega drive (?) Other favourite games : Battlefield series, CSGO, Lego series (daddy time)
  5. Madden 18 Thoughts

    Did my first draft last night to check it out, also the cpu completed scouting for me throughout the season as I advanced each week and did one hell of a job.
  6. 2017 NFL Season

    No in a short answer. Matt Moore has been in the system for a year and Miami for a number of years. He played fairly decent last four games or so end of last year despite having very few snaps upto then in practice. Then of course showed his steel after that brutal hit in the playoffs against them Steelers. Need Tanny of course but we will survive with Moore but in desperate e need of a backup not named 12m Cutler. Running game gonna be key for us.
  7. London NFL Games 2017 - Meet Ups

    Exactly how it is!
  8. London NFL Games 2017 - Meet Ups

    Down for the Dolphins game Sunday 1st. Me and my bud bringing with us our 5yo kids for their first experience of the NFL. Mine won't shut up about it and we are months off
  9. Joes 2017 £££ Fantasy League

    Just paid by bank transfer prior to you sending this buddy
  10. Madden 18 - Teams

    Aye he did.... Oppsss headaches and concussions
  11. M18

    Nice write up/review of madden 18. Plenty of screenshots http://forums.operationsports.com/forums/madden-nfl-football/885037-connected-franchise-mode-rebuild.html
  12. Madden 18 - Teams

    I love me some phins! Tannehill = average on a huge salary O-line steady away Recievers = fun, quick and overall good TE Hmmmm Cameron and Thomas Dline = excellent but again Suh salary hurts in cfm LB's Hmmmm Age kills Alonso, rookies and unknowns DB's outside Jones and Howard you are correct they are poor Overall looking forward to NFL, but for CFM if you're a fan you'll pick em, if not then no one is going to be exited for the team..
  13. Madden 18 - Teams

    The best team to use in Madden - Will not say the Pat....s, out of spite. Falcons probably the best team to use in Madden. Excellent QB, HB, no #1 WR, LB's and DB's Worst team to use in Madden - I will say out of spite J-E-S-T-S. Sorry @Joe and others, No QB! Not that we have in Tannehill (before anyone says owt ) Looking at their roster its poor and will translate poorly to Madden 18 Team who will get drafted too high - With all them draft picks the Browns get drafted too high. Although nice contracts for the franchise The team who will be great but will get overlooked. - I do not think any team will get overlooked. Coaches draft by team supported (or at least I do) just to add to the realism and keeps the drive going throughout the franchise
  14. Joes 2017 £££ Fantasy League

    I'm in again Cheers Joe
  15. Farewell for now...

    Robbed yourself of redemption All the best in what you're embarking on, AFC beast will miss ya