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  2. NFL Week 15

    Were playing great football on offense and defense, but we just keep taking field goals in the redzone, so that could be a little concerning, the match up with Allen and Peters could be critically to the game, I think our receivers could have fun v the secondary of chiefs,
  3. NFL Week 15

    Man can't wait for this game feel we are playing well on both sides of the ball just wish our Redzone offense was more effective. With the way the Chiefs defense has been I think we have a good chance!
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  5. NFL Week 15

    What it is, is the return of Nick Foles
  6. NFL Week 15

    Some big play off implications this weekend, also last Thursday night game of the season also tonight Broncos at Colts, not an exciting match up, both team's are just looking to get done for the season with no major injuries, Double header Saturday night with possible the most intriguing game on with chargers at chiefs, who would have thought in week 4 that this could be for the divisional lead, chargers at 0- 4 struggling to score points, chiefs at 4-0 and looking like super bowl favourites
  7. NFL Week 15

    Nearly the end of it all again! Some huge games this week, Hawks Rams, Steelers Patriots, Chiefs Chargers and the possible return of Rodgers! Plus 2 games on Saturday too!
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  9. @hammers_chat 2-1

  10. @bet365 The Total Goals for West Ham v Arsenal will be 4. #InPlaywithRay

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  12. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    See what he started
  13. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Actually playing Toff at FIFA now, he recruited me here originally also
  14. @bet365 @bet365 The Total Goals for Huddersfield v Chelsea will be 3 #InPlaywithRay.

  15. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    I actually think I am after Berty and Riggler had gone on to pastures new, well FIFA for Berty I joined about the same day/week as Berty (so we were both kinda the longest at the time, before he left the madden leagues) when ToffDuff and AndyL recruited us for what was then CGN and we only had the one league with no scouting or draft changes back then as you all know, that league was Madden PFL and Madden Bowl III iirc (The first two seasons only had 10 players all in). I feel priviledged to have been a part of the these leagues for that length of time, watching the league, change and grow to what it is today, as well as the joy and laughter I've had with all you guys at one time or another, including the meet ups. I am sad at leaving and I shall miss the games and the fun, the banter and of course, drafting the Bears every year, but you guys are continuing and that's more important to the league. Catch you all on the flip side.
  16. RT @FootySuperTips: ⚽️ RETWEET TO WIN A PREMIER LEAGUE FOOTBALL! ⚽️ There's Premier League footy again today...that means we're giving awa…

  17. NFL week 14

    Good win against the redskins on Sunday, big game against the chiefs Saturday night for the division lead, think it's going to be a cracking game
  18. @myracingtips today’s investment!! https://t.co/T9YvBkfU82

  19. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Take care mate, the Bears won't be the same without you.
  20. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Thanks guys for all the kind words.
  21. What's your sporting Bucket List ???????

    you took at least 30 years off my life waiting on you coming back to finish the game off phil when you decided to take the longest time out in history so u could make a late night fry up lol ask @Diodex lol
  22. XBOX One X

    If you have a 4K TV or are upgrading to one soon then get the X. You'll get noticeably better visuals and better performance. If it's being hooked to a 1080p TV then you still get the performance boost but the visuals downsampled from 4K to 1080p and without any HDR may seem almost indistinguishable from the XB1 you have now. Also be aware that you'd be subject to the 4K texture file size bloat that comes as default. It may have a 1T drive but the games you load will nearly double in install size so it's not that much of a win.
  23. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Don’t let Al lure you to the FIFA side. If you’re going footy you must go PES it can’t be any worse then that dogs**t FIFA game his year
  24. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Take it easy @Burnzee Boyee You never know your appetite for madden might return when 19 comes around, time heals all @DaBurg864
  25. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Aww, no way Bri, you're almost the last bastion of Madden leagues come play FIFA instead
  26. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Looks like @Coco0981 is going to have to become resident upskirt photos guy. I've told you @Burnzee Boyee in a GroupMe PM how, I feel about you going bud. You'll get peace eventually and I'll be happy for you when it happens.
  27. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Very sorry to see you go Burnzee, you've been such a stalwart on the madden forums over the years. And the fact you always pick the bears is pretty cool. Best of luck!
  28. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    All the best Brian.
  29. Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    Sad to see you go Brian. But with your reasoning I understand it. This game is fun to play but can also bring out much frustration. Which isn’t so bad but if it’s on top of other emotions can be exactly what you don’t need. I hope you stick around on the site and GroupMe bud. If not all the best in life and hope 2018 will be awesome for you bud!
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