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  2. Meanwhile in Australia (NSFW)

    Medal? What medal?
  3. NBA Season 2017-2018

    Start of the season last night really looking forward to this season. However how bad was this.
  4. NBA Season 2017-2018

    Start of the season last night really looking forward to this season. However how bad was this.
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  6. NFL Week 6

    Saw he tweeted only last week saying it was all on sky that he wasn’t on there anymore, so don’t think it was his health
  7. Last week
  8. NFL Week 6

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/10/16/navorro-bowman-joins-the-raiders/ Hopefully he’s a nice pickup. A one legged Bowman will be an improvement on any of our useless linebacking crew.
  9. NFL Week 6

    @Kirchoffs69 I was quite happy with the win of course.... glad to win 2 in a row given they've been close.... Thought our offense was rubbish for much of the day some of those 3rd down passes to Allen were awful. But thought they schemed really well to take advantage of your LBs in coverage... On defense think we got a bit lucky... our lbs are weak and we really need Perryman back...will say our dbs looked decent and think the combo of bosa and ingram really help... At least the donkeys lost as well
  10. NFL Week 6

    @Beyond The Game What did you think of the Chargers win? So frustrated with the Raiders this season. I think we binned the wrong coordinator. Musgrave should’ve been kept and Norton kicked into the long grass. Having said that, this loss was probably on the offense. The D held you to 17pts so our offense should be able to better that. We’re not using Lynch enough and Cooper has vanished and wtf was Del Rio doing going for it on 4th & 2 when we could’ve had you pinned inside the ten? Aargh!
  11. Adrian Peterson

    I find that the other teams defense now has to be scared of the backfield as well, instead of just Palmer. Also, felt like he fought energy to the whole team after that first touch. Hope he has a good season with you guys. Felt like the Saints could play without having him on their mind all the time.
  12. NFL Week 6

    Wow That was a surprise - was reading on facebook with people complaining about Cadle not being on Sky this year. Perhaps there were personal reasons for this. RIP
  13. NFL Week 6

    Didn't expect this
  14. NFL Week 6

    The giants look half decent..
  15. Adrian Peterson

    Huge fan of the trade, exactly what we needed. Obviously made a huge impact to the entire game for us. Thought he had enough in him to be a good rusher for us but this was beyond what I expected. Plus what it did to the running game and defence was great. Still feel we have a huge issue of a second CB alongside Patrick peterson, which was even more exposed when he went off injured and Bethal let Evans score. Bethal isn't a starting corner and he has a really tough job to start opposite peterson. At least it's made the season exciting and I can look forward to the Twickenham game now
  16. Adrian Peterson

    Thoughts on this move now??
  17. NFL Week 6

    How about AP? Seems to have been a good move?
  18. NFL Week 6

    Don't know what you're complaining about. Am sure Rodgers gets a broken collarbone for you in Madden every year.
  19. NFL Week 6

    Who wants my gamepass sub dont need it anymore season over
  20. NFL Week 6

    That 4th down play by the saints was awesome
  21. NFL Week 6

    7-0 Jets go on beat the Pats!
  22. fao admins

    Madam1919lufc yep liking that strong gamer tag :))
  23. fao admins

    @trooper uk invite sent - felt good booting you from the league though. Balance how i felt typing your new GT out
  24. fao admins

    @ZoSo u ain't kidding m8 can't use old gt either had to take new gold out on phone for few hrs flipping mare mayhem
  25. fao admins

    I'll do it when I get on but surely you should be able to recover your old GT. Sounds like a right ball ache. @trooper uk
  26. fao admins

  27. fao admins

    I ain't a commish in that league bud @tripperman28 and @ZoSo only one who can send invites
  28. fao admins

    ye right miffed off Microsoft are a flipping ball ache any new invites sent as my old gt needs to be booted from franchise lads @ZoSo @SnapDan mayhem
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