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  3. pro10

    Go on then I'll mak my return!
  4. pro 8

    Pop you an inbox
  5. pro 8

    Hi, I posted my interest at the start of this season but had to pull out due to dodgy internet connection, well I'm finally able to get faster fibre broadband on 10th may so would like to sign up. I'm in a franchise with Stuey and a few other lads so would like to test myself against others instead of just the CPU mainly! Stuey has said the Browns are available so might as well take the biggest challenge there is! Let me know how I sign up? Cheers willo
  6. pro 8

    can i take titans plz
  7. pro 8

    Sent you a pm
  8. pro 8

    Hello, I would like to join your league. I just wrote to introduction forum and I have been told that cardinals and 49ers are free. Can I take cardinals? How is QB situation in Arizona?
  9. pro 8

    Do you have room for me? What teams you have available?
  10. pro10

    We have one team available in the Pro10, if interested post below
  11. You playing forthworth tonight? Will it be on twitch or any feed? 

    1. DiodeX


      hopefully playing, no twitch from me due to s**t internet.

  12. pro 8

    Superb, thanks
  13. pro 8

    Yeah the 49ers are free. I'll dm you
  14. pro 8

    Hey, Just completed my intro post. Looking to join the league if there is a space.
  15. any updates on my post? or i look for other league?


  16. pro 8

    I'm up for it if or when a space comes up!
  17. pro 8

    I'm good with 5days.
  18. pro 8

    Yes. I will take it please
  19. pro 8

    Yeah, I was writing it as you replied. My bad
  20. pro 8

    There's already a spot
  21. pro 8

    @SnapDan @Vondia He can have my spot if there's no more openings.
  22. pro 8

    Yeah one more spot. Do you want me to put you down.
  23. pro 8

    Yes, last spot.
  24. pro 8

    Any room on PRO8
  25. pro 8

    He's on PS4 Kev, at least he is on FLM
  26. pro 8

    @xelnino9x we have a spot if your interested
  27. pro 8

    Good stuff! Kudos to closing out the PRO 8 @SnapDan, @Vondia
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