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  2. I started the game NBA 2K18 https://t.co/rSeIooB8PY

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  4. New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Lyric video for - Forever Is A Long Time ... digital download single
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  6. 1 out of 2. https://t.co/EFm8svCsaa

  7. RT @WestHamWaycouk: Cannot wait to discuss this goal plus many more with @Dean36ashton10 https://t.co/bgfqIhBLfn Get your tickets here: htt…

  8. House of Cards

    So true lol
  9. House of Cards

    Stop slacking @Winti26 2evenings is more than enough for 1 season (i speak from experience)
  10. House of Cards

    I read a lot of comparisons to GoT. Didn't realised how much it will be like got until I watched episode 1 of season 2
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  12. RT @IMVGAMING: Kicking off the NEW YEAR w/ a

  13. @bet365 #Kick365 B

  14. The 2017 Madden PFL Mock Draft - Pick Thread

    Hoping we will get a thread going for this years draft too!
  15. House of Cards

    After 6 episodes I've to agree. This combined with the olympics is all my freetime gone
  16. @RonaldOllie Add me bubblesthebear42. Madden all the way

  17. MaddenPFL Dynasty League on MFL

    Well given Wentz is officially awesome and so is Files I can put Luck up for trade I'd also like to move up in the 1st. Can use my 1st plus a player Not much activity on site, understandably, so posting here
  18. New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Do I get mates rates for a copy Ken ?
  19. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    Nomenclature changed from seasons left to drafts left to minimise confusion Trade Value Sheet Final 2.5 Locked.xlsx.zip
  20. dwevans' Trade Calculator

    *** Version 2.5 Updated 7.2.2018 *** - 'Seasons Passed' changed to 'Seasons Left' so that it can work with all leagues regardless of start date or speed of progression with minimal adjustment. https://www.dropbox.com/s/36e530sohqpexbe/Trade%20Value%20Sheet%20Final%202.5%20Locked.xlsx?dl=0 Trade Value Sheet Final 2.5 Locked.xlsx.zip
  21. @Brittany_MSgirl Good Morning, excellent first pod!!!

  22. RT @Brittany_MSgirl: Life is waiting for you outside your comfort zone! Go for it!

  23. New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Blitzkrieg - Judge Not Mighty Music - Release Date 27 April 2018 LINE UP BRIAN ROSS – LEAD VOCALS KEN JOHNSON – GUITARS, KEYBOARDS ALAN ROSS – GUITARS, LEAD VOCALS ON “WITHOUT YOU” HUW HOLDING – BASS MATT GRAHAM - DRUMS The album was recorded in Newcastle UK at Downcast Base HQ by Phil VanDetta Davies, but we elected to use a different studio this time around for mixing, and because we all admire the work that the Hansen Studios do most notably the mix of the Pretty Maids Pandemonium album, Jonas Haagensen came on board from the Hansen studios to mix the album. Track Listing Is As Follows : HERETIC WHO IS BLIND FOREVER IS A LONG TIME REIGN OF FIRE ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE WITHOUT YOU LOUD AND PROUD ANGELS OR DEMONS WIDE LEGGED AND HEADLESS FALLING INTO DARKNESS JUDGE NOT LEST YOU YOURSELF BE JUDGED (alt album version) SCHOOLS OUT (alice cooper cover) - Bonus track The Album will be released on four formats : CD , Vinyl , Limited Edition Colour Vinyl , Digital Downland Pre Order Yours Now At : http://www.targetshop.dk/blitzkrieg
  24. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    I was on about Clement's td he doesn't have full possession and both feet in bounds at the same time in my opinion however as said done now and simple fact our defense had chances to get a stop and didn't and the eagles did
  25. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Ya the whole catch rule should be no1 priority for change in off season. Needs to be cleaned up somehow. For what's its worth I think ertzs TD was fine (slightly different to James non TD which I thought was rightly overturned) but Clements was iffy.
  26. Six Nations - 2018

    We have Italy on Saturday
  27. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    The James one had nothing to do with his feet, was pretty close to Ertz TD made the grab before the endzone and stretched out to go over the goal line and the ball hit the ground after he had stretched out (was pretty much like a Rugby Try) and was rulled incomplete - think this will be something that will be heavily debated during the offseason - think all NFL Fans can agree there is so much grey around the catch rule that needs to be clarified.
  28. Six Nations - 2018

    Who have you lads got for this weekend?
  29. SUPERBOWL!!!!

    Yea Ertz was a td but the other one dont think he had posession before getting both feet in. But too late now Eagles played very well and got the stop when needed, whereas our defense didnt look like it would stop anything all night, wasnt the game i expected to see.
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