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  2. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    Nice good hunting @ZoSo looks like I'll stick with shopto again will order it tomorrow
  3. PFL Coaches

    Name : Stu NFL Team : Buccaneers Other sports team/s : Nottingham Forest. Also a big boxing fan. First Madden game : Madden 12 Other favourite games: FIFA & PokémonGo
  4. PFL Coaches

    Name : Craig NFL Team : Dolphins Other sports team/s : Newcastle Utd First Madden game : God! PC and Sega Mega drive (?) Other favourite games : Battlefield series, CSGO, Lego series (daddy time)
  5. PFL Coaches

    Name: Brian Country: Scotland NFL Team: Chicago Bears Other sports/Teams: Greenock Morton FC. Borrusia Dortmund. Valentino Rossi. First Madden: John Madden 1990 (Mega Drive) Other favorite games: Fifa, Project Cars, Mass Effect trilogy & ANDROMEDA. Elite Dangerous, Battlefield4 & 1.
  6. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    If you think you've found a better deal than Zoso let us know here
  7. Madden 18 - Where to Buy

    Still looking to find that bargain for Madden 18? Haven't ordered your copy yet? Never fear our resident deal hunter @ZoSo is on the case and has you covered on both side PS4 and Xbox One - Letting you know where the best deal can be had. Click Here to Read More
  8. PFL Coaches

    Name : Lubomír Country: Czech Republic NFL Team : Buccaneers Other sports team/s : NJ Devils, Manchester United, Ferrari F1, Valentino Rossi First Madden game : 2004 Other favourite games : Fifa, nhl, race sims od PC (assetto corsa, race room, rfactor)
  9. PFL Coaches

    Name: Pascal NFL Team: Pittsburgh Steelers Other sports teams: EHC Winterthur, HC Ambri-Piotta, Pittsburgh Penguins and Nashville Predators First Madden: Madden 11 Other favourite games: NHL, FIFA, Assassins Creed
  10. PFL Coaches

    Name : Doc. Has been known to say : ROOAAARRRR !!! Can also now say again : Rainbows Rams Rock ROOAAARRRR.
  11. PFL Coaches

    Name: Padraic NFL Team: Baltimore Ravens CollegeTeam: Notre Dame Other Sports: MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, played MLB and DE for the Tullamore Phoenix AFC, first Madden Game: Madden 11 but didn't play any online francises until M13. Other Games: Battlefield, Liked the old Call of duty Games - COD4, Modern Warfare
  12. PFL Coaches

    Name : Ken NFL Team : San Francisco 49ers Other Sports Teams : Blyth Spartans , Manchester United , San Francisco Giants , Anaheim Ducks College Football : Notre Dame First Madden : maybe it was the first one when still on the pc ? Other Games : Dont get much time apart from Madden these days , but i loved Championship Manager before it went crap , the older Call of Duty games , Dark Forces , TV Sports Football (Amiga) Other : Play guitar in UK NWoBHM metal band Blitzkrieg ..(the same one that Metallica covered the tune `Blitzkrieg` by on their `Garage Days inc` album
  13. College Football on UK TV WEEK1

    Surely there's more than those highlighted on BT sport?
  14. College Football on UK TV WEEK1

    Yeah I'm really looking forward to this year, see if the huskies can follow up on a great year last year. Dante Pettis will be a good WR to watch he should move up to #1 after losing John Ross. Lost some big players this year but confident the next batch can step up. Taylor Rapp looked a great safety last year and expect him to be even better and stand out more with Budda Baker out of the team. Last year huskies games and the play offs were the only games I really watched with the odd Gators game leading up to the draft on college replay. Going to make more of an effort to watch more this year
  15. College Football on UK TV WEEK1

    Cant wait for the season to start! Ordering my usc shirt in time for the games
  16. PFL Coaches

    Name : Alex NFL Team : Patriots Other sports team/s : Football Aston Villa, F1 Mclaren & Williams First Madden game : hmm i think Madden 13 was the first i owned but didnt actually play it properly till Madden 25 Other favourite games : Only really play madden now as i dont have as much time for anything else but used to love Pro Evo back in the day i also like my wrestling games wwe2k (still not beating no mercy on n64 though)
  17. PFL Coaches

    Name: Pim NFL team: Texans other sports teams: Feyenoord and will be picking a college team this year but not sure which one yet and Red Bull racing (F1). First madden: Madden 16 other favorite games: PES(until 2004/05)/FIFA(played from first edition)/FM(with CM01/02 as best one I think)/LoL and from time to time almost every other sports game.
  18. PFL Coaches

    Name : James NFL Team: Chargers College Football: anyone Other Sport's: Rugby Munster, soccer Blackburn Rovers/ Drogheda United, F1 Toro Rosso and Seb Vettel, First Madden: Madden 25 Other Favourite Games: Assassins Creed, Battlefield 1, used to play F1 but gave up for more Madden time,
  19. PFL Coaches

    Name: Toni NFL Team: Packers First Madden: Madden 15 (i think) Other favourite games: Path of Exile, Players unknown battlegrounds,....
  20. PFL Coaches

    Name: Jamaal NFL Team: Panthers other sports teams: Charlotte Hornets(NBA), Atlanta Braves(MLB) and Dynamo Dresden(my wife is German, lol) First Madden: John Madden Football 92 Other favorite games: NBA 2k, Fallout series, Borderlands series and Battlefield series.
  21. PFL Coaches

    Name : Colie or Colin NFL Team : Seahawks Other sports team/s : Tipperary Hurling/ Munster rugby/ Pro cycling First Madden game : 2017(before that pro football 1989 on Sega master system!!!) Other favourite games : none as of yet
  22. PFL Coaches

    Name - Dan NFL Team - Baltimore Ravens Other sports teams - Baltimore Orioles, New York Knicks, Maryland Terrapins First Madden - Madden 11 Other favourite games - MLB The Show, NCAA Football 14
  23. PFL Coaches

    Name : Ian NFL Team : No favourite - used to like the LA Raiders as a kid but couldn't understand why they left LA - I just watch everything NFL related now Other sports team/s : Golfer - Sutton United & Carshalton Athletic football First Madden game : the very FIRST one Other favourite games : Only play Madden but loved MBL games when I had the PS
  24. PFL Coaches

    Name: Marcel NFL Team: New Orleans Saints Other sports teams:EHC Winterthur(local hockey club),Florida Panthers, HC Lugano and Vancouver Canucks First Madden: Madden 11 Other favourite games: Football Manager and NHL(not as much anymore since there is no online Franchise)
  25. PFL Coaches

    Name : McManus , Awesome kev, KMac, KDog NFL Team : Giants College Team : Notre Dame Other sports team/s : Glasgow's Green & White, Boston Celtics, san Fran Giants (a little) First Madden game : troy & Fitz cover Other favourite games : none oh and I like socialising & drinking A LOT AND a big Country Music fan also play American football for The 10-0 Wembley Stallions ( as a TE/Slot receiver & FB ) and play Rugby for Hendon RFC
  26. PFL Coaches

    Name: Myles NFL Team: Patriots Other Sports Teams: Boston Red Sox, Wolverhampton Wanderers First Madden: Madden 11 Other favourite games: Forza series, Pinball arcade, World of Tanks
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