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MaddenPFL boasts one of the best Madden setups on the internet with Connected Franchises, and a vibrant community, Established in 2005, MaddenPFL has grown to become one of the most popular sites for Xbox One and PS4 Madden NFL gaming in Europe

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Madden 19PFL League

Seattle Seahawks S4 Post Season Review

DJ Reporter: With training camp well under way  –  Last season you came out 14-2, fantastic run and you had the division under control and seem heavy...

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Evolution LeagueMadden 19

Inside the Numbers

With EVO at the midpoint in the 2019 season we dig inside the numbers for top 5 and bottom five in a few categories along with...
Evolution LeagueMadden 19

Evo News

NFC SOUTH – 2019 PREVIEW Last but by no means least, we come to the NFC South. The home to the reigning Super Bowl Champions:...

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