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Quarter Length - 8 minute quarters; 15 second run off.

4th Down Rules:

All Game

- Losing 21 + going for it is permitted from any distance

- Inside opponents 5 when behind, or 8 or less ahead going for it is permitted

- If leading by 9 or more points going for it is not permitted

- If the rules prevent you from going for it on 4th down  you can't come out in a play with the view to draw an offside via a hard count.

1st Half

- Inside 50 and distance 4th and 1 or less going for it is permitted

2nd half

- Inside 50 and losing any distance is permitted.

4th Quarter

- Any distance when losing it is permitted

- When winning by 8 or less and in opponents half where 1st down will end the game by running out the clock going for it is permitted

Defensive Gameplay:

- Mix up your man and zone plays and try to be as diverse as possible. Use both man and zone defense. Do not just abuse one or the other the entire game. Neither can be used more than a 70% of the time

- Variations of Zone Coverages No one zone concept should be used more than 35% of your zone plays. mix it up between Cover 1, Cover 2, Cover 3, Cover 4 etc

- Over use of certain plays in specific circumstances will also be considered a rule infringement. eg over use of cover 4 when opponent is in your red zone.

- Blitzing blitz plays should be called a maximum of 50% of defensive play calls. Blitz play calls must also be varied, from man and zone coverage.

During the season we will carry out a random audit to ensure the following is being adhered to by all players.

Offensive Gameplay

 - You can't use the same play more than twice on the same drive.

- You can't run the same play more than 5 times during a game.

- Limit of 3 offensive hot routes per play. This applies to changing a receivers route only.

 - Running with a QB & sideline passing - after a snap running immediately to the sideline from the snap and throwing the ball isn't allowed (unless this is a designed play - ie. PA Rollout). Understand you will look to move out of the pocket to avoid pressure but generally you wouldn't be doing this immediately after the snap but as the play is breaking down. I would allow 5 seconds in the pocket as a rule of thumb

- Variation of Run/Pass - during a game please ensure you are balanced between Run/Pass - would expect that there is no more than 65% one side to the other. We understand there may be some games where you are running the clock due to the score this will be taken into consideration. However during the season ensure there isn't this uneven split.

We will look to carry out random audits on this during the season.


General Gameplay

Overall Gameplay This is a sim league and broadly speaking general gameplay should be aimed to correspond with what you see in the NFL. Commissioners have discretion to assess this. If you have issues with somebody’s play style over something which is not covered in the rules below, please bring it privately to the commissioners attention.

Max winning margin of 35 points v CPU & Human - should you win by more than this you will incur a 1 match ban.

Mercy Rule If you by 24 or more you should chew clock, unless requested not to by opponent. (if score goes under 24, normal rules return) If up by more than 21 in 4th you should chew clock. Use common sense, If you're well ahead take knees, put in back ups,  don't use Time out to run up score.     ( Run Ball, No play action pass deep, or deep shots, *** Don't go for it on 4th down) While in Mercy Rule procedures , Losing side should not call time out.

Streaming and Archiving - We would like to heavily encourage games to be streamed and Archived if you need help on this let me know. This helps us as a community and helps resolve any issues.

Going for 2 – Going for 2 points is now allowed in any situation. Keep in mind the respect of your opponent, ie. don't got for 2 in silly situations to run up the score.

No Huddle Offence – 

You are allowed to go to no huddle inside the 1st half two minute warning if you're not leading by more than 10 points.

If you are behind by more than 14 points in the 3rd quarter you can go no huddle.

If you are behind by any amount in the 4th quarter you can go no huddle.


CPU Games - Sometimes there will be CPU games due to people been on holiday or unavailable during the game week. We appreciate that CPU games can be a bore and painful to play however when playing against a CPU please don’t take the p**s. Ideally this means running up the score and stats on the CPU. We expect that you would play the game the same way you would play a human so when the game is over you don’t take more shots at the end zone to get TDs.

Respect – Respect you opponent, if you are speaking during the game (which you should be) you will know if they are having a bad time and enough of the game. Do not purposely run up the score, you can ask if you want them to clock chew etc the most important thing about our league is our community and respect for each other.

Chew Clock - switching on chew clock is only allowed within the 2 minute warning at the end of the 2nd quarter and in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. Players should also not be winding the clock down fully on every play even when chew clock not turned on. There are times where you will need to make adjustments to a play which will necessitate using your full play clock but this shouldn't be on every play as this is in effect time wasting. ***(see mercy rule)

Rage Quitting – Not acceptable, if you do it you will be removed from the league immediately.

Fixtures - Fixtures will be posted in advance of each game week. Please arrange games promptly. If no post has been made in the fixtures thread within 72 hours of the next scheduled advance you may be put on AP. All Fixtures will be posted with Users tagged on Facebook. Comments on the schedule are part of the proof a commissioner needs before teams is assigned AP/FW. If fixtures are arranged on group me please post in thread to confirm so commissioners can track the progress

Playbooks – You can choose any playbook you want on either side of the ball. Custom playbooks are not allowed. 

Editing Players – You can now edit a players position as many times as you wish during the season. Post your changes into the position change thread once you have done them. The following changes are allowed:

Offensive Linemen – to any other position on the OL (RT to LG, C to RT etc)
Defensive Linemen – to any other position on the DL (RE to DT, LE to RE etc)
Defensive Ends and Linebackers – OLB to DE and DE to OLB
Linebackers – to any other LB position (LOLB to MLB, MLB to ROLB etc)
Defensive Backs – to any other position at DB (CB to FS, SS to CB etc)

If someone changes a players position that is not on the list above, the player that has been changed will have to be changed back to his original position and cut from the roster (regardless of the cap pen). You will not be allowed to pick this player back up.

Trades – All trades need to be posted to the trade section of the site, both parties need to agree to the trade on the post and then the trade must be approved by a commissioner before complete the trade. Trading with CPU is strictly forbidden.

Practice Squads - Practice squad members are treated like free agents, if you want a player keep him on your 53, if he's in your practice squad he's fair game.


Discipline Procedures

1st offence for break of league rules a warning will be issued

2nd offence will incur a owner being placed on AP for 1 week

3rd offence will incur a owner being placed on AP for 2 weeks

4th offence owner will be expelled from the league

Commissioners reserve the right to increase sanctions for any breach of rules based on the seriousness of the offence

Group Me - The Groupme is up and running send me your email address if you want to join. This is a good way to keep in close contact with each other, however Facebook is where fixtures need to be arranged, if you have not posted on the schedule by advance you will be put on AP, I do not want to hear any one say 'but we arranged the game on group me'

League Content - As you can all see we are working hard to improve the media side of the league and want as many members as possible writing blogs, news reports, streaming games, every one is welcome to join our podcasts as guests whenever they want etc so join in the fun!