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Found 14 results

  1. It's August football season is around the corner with training camps in full swing and pre-season kicking off in days, so it's time to look at our fantasy football league's and who we would love to draft on our team, I'm hoping to set up a maddenpfl fantasy football league for fun, there won't be a limit on places as we can spilt in to two division's and have promotion relegation next season if the interest is there, have added a poll for what site to use for it, draft will be held on the one of the nights determined by a vote Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before regular season, if your interested stick your name down, 1, Myself, 2, Aaron, 3, Heli, 4, Shatners, 5, Shmarky, 6, Murtaghbatwar, 7, SnapDan, 8, Scottyob, 9, Rayski, 10, toby 11, Hubblewiffle, 12, Kingjimi, 13, Kingjimi brother, 14, Triangle king, 15, drvolki, 16, stueyh111, 17, Daburg, 18, McManus, 19, beyond the game, 20, ramburgers, 21, ja15, 22, hulldolfan,
  2. Seems like with all the excitement we've missed the first few games of the NFL pre season week 2. Bills @ Eagles Ravens @ Dolphins Buccs @ Jaguars Vikings @ Seahawks Panthers @ Titans Chiefs @ Bengals Colts @ Cowboys Jets @ Lions Packers @ Redskins Patriots @ Texans Broncos @ 49ers Bears @ Cardinals Rams @ Raiders Falcons @ Steelers Saints @ Chargers Giants @ Browns Going to be seeing a lot more starters this week
  3. ThePacFish

    Free Agency

    Doesn't officially open until 8pm on Tuesday but deals are already getting agreed. Cullen Jenkins is a New York Giant. 3 year $8mil deal ($3mil guaranteed).
  4. ThePacFish

    Regular Season Predictions

    A friend of mine from Twitter has created the following spreadsheet for predicting the regular season. Figured it would be fun for us all to have a go and post up what we get. See who's the farthest out by the end of the season. Spreadsheet was created by Richard Churchill who you can follow on Twitter HERE NFL Predictions.xlsx
  5. ThePacFish

    Fantasy Nfl

    Guys we are going to be running some fantasy leagues under the MaddenPFL banner but first off we need to know what you guys want and what interest there are in having some leagues. So please post up if you would be interested and which formats you would like. I know last year we had a 2QB league and a normal league.
  6. ThePacFish

    Week 2 Post Game Reaction

    Great game for the Rams Gave the Redskins a 7 point head start and still got the job done. Refs were a disgrace. By far the worst I've seen so far. Big thankyou to Josh Morgan for handing us the game with a comedy unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. Imagine he will be cut before long. So proud of this team. The attitude has completely changed. We don't quit even when the world seems against us. We also got it done without Steven Jackson for the most time. Bradford looked like a number 1 pick for the first time in over a year. All in all a good week!
  7. ThePacFish

    Monday Night Football

    Will be aired on the BBC This is brilliant. Absolutely superb stuff. http://www.nfluk.com/opinions/articles/bbc-air-nfl-monday-night-football-red-button-and-online
  8. Transfer deadline day and roster cut down day! It's days like this where Twitter comes into its own.
  9. Burnzee Boyee

    Predictions For Regular Season?

    Seeing as the season is a few weeks away....yes the real part of the season, not the pre-season where god forbid injuries get picked up if your so unlucky, but the bump & grind, the part we all love, how do you all see your beloved team doing in the coming season? Where to start? Well, Brandon Marshall has already stated that he wants to see nothing more than a Superbowl appearance this season, and the belief around Soldierfield is one of 'we can do it' I'd be happy with the playoffs this year after Cutler fell out last year at 7-3 - a position that would have most teams drooling in anticipation of a playoff place- then we wittnessed Hainie (geezuz) and then McClown.... I'll settle for a championship game this year and let the other teams worry about meeting us in the big one
  10. ThePacFish

    Footballs Back!

    Hall of fame game tonight Gunna watch the 1st quarter before bed then catch the rest in the morning
  11. StueyH111

    Nfl Top 100 - Top 10

    NFL Network are currently doing their top 100 players of 2012. I believe they have now released from 71 - 100. Who do you think will be in the top 10 this year?! The 2011 Top 10 looked like this: QB Tom Brady (New England Patriots) QB Peyton Manning (Indianapolis Colts) RB Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings) LB Ray Lewis (Baltimore Ravens) S Ed Reed (Baltimore Ravens) S Troy Polamalu (Pittsburgh Steelers) WR Andre Johnson (Houston Texans) CB Darrelle Revis (New York Jets) QB Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints) DE Julius Peppers (Chicago Bears) Post your top 10 below and we'll see who is closest when they are announced.
  12. RedskinsNo.1

    New Orleans Saints

    http://espn.go.com/espn/otl/story/_/id/7846290/new-orleans-saints-mickey-loomis-eavesdrop-opposing-coaches-home-games Wow things just get worse for the Saints, as if bountygate wasnt enough now they have been listening on opposing coaches.
  13. ThePacFish

    Nfl Draft

    How are you guys gunna go about watching it? I understand ESPN have coverage of the first round? Guess NFL.com will be the only guys to show all 7? Booked the Friday off so I can watch the whole thing Yes I am that sad Rumours abound that someone is going to move up to 3 for Tannehill. Love to see it happen as it means we will have a choice out of 2 of the elite 6 in this years draft. BTW Tannehill is not worth the 3rd overall pick as long as I have a hole in my bum.