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Found 2 results

  1. It's August football season is around the corner with training camps in full swing and pre-season kicking off in days, so it's time to look at our fantasy football league's and who we would love to draft on our team, I'm hoping to set up a maddenpfl fantasy football league for fun, there won't be a limit on places as we can spilt in to two division's and have promotion relegation next season if the interest is there, have added a poll for what site to use for it, draft will be held on the one of the nights determined by a vote Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before regular season, if your interested stick your name down, 1, Myself, 2, Aaron, 3, Heli, 4, Shatners, 5, Shmarky, 6, Murtaghbatwar, 7, SnapDan, 8, Scottyob, 9, Rayski, 10, toby 11, Hubblewiffle, 12, Kingjimi, 13, Kingjimi brother, 14, Triangle king, 15, drvolki, 16, stueyh111, 17, Daburg, 18, McManus, 19, beyond the game, 20, ramburgers, 21, ja15, 22, hulldolfan,
  2. xelnino9x

    Euro 2012 Fantasy Football

    http://en.euro2012fantasy.uefa.com/ Follow the link, pick your team and then select leagues -> join league -> enter the code 59041-72020 Then sit back and hopefully watch your team rack up the points. My early tip is Berty as he seems to be pretty good at this fantasy football malarky!!