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Found 2 results

  1. Madden 16 - Xbox Madden PFL Cup & Shield With the imminent release of Madden NFL 16 we are pleased to announce that signups for our annual event the Xbox MaddenPFL Cup & Shield are now open! This year we will be introducing some new features to the cup as well as some old favorites. Round Robin Tournament The cup will adopt a similar format to the world cup putting players into 8 groups of 4 (dependent on signups, we will adjust accordingly based on numbers) Seeding One of the most appreciated features will return a seeding system. Players will be graded based on their previous performances in the leagues and will be allocated a lower overall team. Likewise players who are seeded lower will be given higher rated teams. MaddenPFL Cup & Shield Following the conclusion of the group stage the top 2 players in each group will advance to the MaddenPFL Xbox Cup in a single elimination knock out tournament. The bottom 2 players in each group will advance to the inaugural MaddenPFL Xbox Shield which will be also run as a single elimination tournament. This allows all players to play a minimum of 4 game Rules Game lengths will be 6 minute quarters and the Standard MaddenPFL Sim Rules Apply. Gameplay rules can be found here: http://maddenpfl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31928-sim-gameplay-rules/ Signups will close on Monday the 31st of August at 10pm, following the closure of signups the seedings will be announced along with the groups. To Signup to the big event please register here: http://maddenpfl.com/forums/index.php?/topic/31965-maddenpfl-cup-shield-sign-up-thread/
  2. been looking for a sim xbox one league with people who play to win but not to humiliate . Like to be part of a long term league where there is good competition but mutual respect as well
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