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  1. crocodilemarko

    For You Gamers With Babys ...

    I did a similar thing with my lad when he was younger, it just got annoying when he would scream at me in a mock Chris Collinsworth voice whenever I conceded a TD
  2. crocodilemarko

    Euro 2012 Gambling Thread

    I put £10 on Russia to win the tournament at 20/1 yesterday morning, a long shot I know, but I was looking for a bit of value and after last nights performance I think I may be in with a fighting chance.
  3. crocodilemarko

    Madden 13 Team Ratings

    The Pats will be much lower now that they've lost Chad
  4. crocodilemarko

    Hello Gents

    Cheers guys, Nice to see all the old regulars still on, and I was also shocked to look at the power rankings and see DP top ......again! I'll keep posting until 13 comes out then hopefully I'll be able to get in one of the leagues.
  5. crocodilemarko

    Hello Gents

    Just thought I'd check out the new site and say hello, glad to see the league still going strong. I haven't played Madden 12 as much as previous versions due to one reason or another but seeing the videos for 13 from E3 has got me quite excited for August so hopefully I'll be back in the game and able to join one of the leagues. Cheers, Mark.