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  1. Will do man probably better that way.. Gives me time to get to grips with it!
  2. Hey guys made the step over from pen.. Applied last year but life s**t got in the way..really enjoying 17 I'm not good at the game but I wanna learn.. So this is the best place:) I reconise a few names from pen and being on the forum before.. @Vondia has already got his own back.. For smashing over on pen this season ha ha thanks guys
  3. Hey guys I joined a few years ago but never played a game.. Think it was down to my lacklustre approach to the game... This year... I love it . Best madden I've played.. Just wanted to know if anyone fancied some pre season matches as I've only played ut onljne and it's horrible as I always get matched up with American guys.. Although I thought it wouldn't make much difference as I'm getting 60mb broadband... Anyway yeah hit me up AFC GRIMBO (xb1)
  4. . Thanks mate do I need to sign into the league onljne or is it done through here?
  5. Thanks man oooh I'm all excited ha ha
  6. Ha ha I like your guys optimism it's all about taking part and learning from more experienced players such as your selves.. Can't wait to get some sort of action i know this could take a while
  7. hey lads came across this great site today.. love to join a active league..im not anywhere good enough to challenge the top players but i have been known to nick a few matches
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