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  1. I think i am :s not too sure anymore xD I certainly am not looool hmmm may possibly have become the most hated guy on the forums from one post eeep
  2. LOOL i wanna say bring it to the roasting, but that sounds way too sexual lol Ahh sweet, thanks for the info -fingers crossed that a NBA league picks up interest-
  3. Heya guys im from flm, moved here to carry on with the nhl league, I look forward to being on this site ermm a bit about me well i watch alot of anime and tv shows, play far to much ps3 and pretty much love all sports except cricket(never gotten into it) which is weird as im indian lol. Well since this is a sports site guess i'll say which teams i support :-) Football ermmm soccer to you guys :-) im a man utd fan :-) NFL im a new england patriots fan been a fan since 2005 my ex gf was an american and was a big fan i remember staying up watching the superbowl on the phone with h
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