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  1. TopLoader

    Deadline day

    Dolphins are non-existent again by the look of things. Ziggy Hood FA pick up best we can do! Not seen much rumours neither other than Devante Parker, but I'd keep him seeing as we're short at WR
  2. TopLoader

    FG Block returned for 6.

    I hate h2h, played four or five games and won I think 4. Hate the folk in the mic, one was a complete tool, swearing etc whilst kids in the room.. Ended up playing the game on mute and the others I had no fun. SIM CFM's the way to go, edited the thread title for you bud
  3. TopLoader

    UFC 229 Khabib vs Mcgregor

    Arrest, charge, no more work visa's, purse withheld, the end. What a shame as it was nice seeing McGreggor silenced and beaten. The sport is becoming too big with lawless thugs earning millions so examples will be made. Shame as there are hundreds of thousands of decent athletes that compete.
  4. Donny Dolphins draft summary
  5. TopLoader

    PFL Evo League Daddyleagues

    Daddy Leagues are changing their layout and all custom layouts will have to be changed. Mobile friendly pages will be coming and therefore the layout option within admin console has been disabled
  6. I'm in again. I'll sort payment out over the next few days Joe.
  7. TopLoader

    Logo Voting

    The designer of the most voted for logo has been contacted and a full HD copy and any design templates have also been requested. Full credit will be given to the designer along with FREE vip access on the site. Credit will be posted on twitter, website, and forums. Last push on voting......
  8. TopLoader

    Logo Voting

    Keep them votes coming in. Once a clear winner can be seen by all, it will be developed and will be at the forefront of everything MaddenPFL.
  9. TopLoader

    Logo Voting

    New logo has been submitted for consideration. For those that have already voted, if you want to vote for this logo please like this post and I will update the poll.
  10. TopLoader

    Logo Voting

    Please feel free to vote
  11. TopLoader

    Logo Voting

    Any chosen logo can be re-designed ie removing of union jacks etc
  12. TopLoader

    New Logo?

    I will add this to the logos already submitted. Thank you. Any further designs from any member please can you email us at admin@maddenpfl.com or PM me directly. All the logos will be showcased for voting and designers will remain anonymous. The winning logo designer will be named and credit provided.
  13. TopLoader

    New Logo?

    Received 6/7 logos for consideration from one member who will remain anonymous for the time being
  14. TopLoader

    New Logo?

    Looking like a whitewash for a new logo. Please if you have any design submit them by email to admin@maddenpfl.com Any image again please can they be of high resolution 2000x2000 or greater