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  1. No mate, not what he means.

    Any players wishing to trade must do it through the CC site, only they cant drop players from their trade block in to the FA so as the other guy can pick them up. Trades must be done as trades.

    last year in M12, because the trade system meant you got the player a week after you traded for him we decided to drop 'traded players' in to the FA so both sides could pick up and use straight away without the delay :up:

    hope that clears things up :up:

    Ah, makes sense! Thanks for the clear up!
  2. welcome buddy

    a fellow ND fan, good man

    big game this weekend potential banana skin

    confident we will beat BYU

    i'll be having a few beers tomorrow night for the 8.30 pm kickoff

    'in kelly we trust'

    Haha! Well what can I say, I've been a fan of both of them through thick and thin, I am very proud to say I am an Irish fan this year! Not so much the Jets ;)
  3. Hey guys, just trying to get myself into the XPress league. I thought I would just tell you guys about myself and if there is anyone who can relate to my problems haha! I live in Idaho, and used to play football-injuries cut my short, and I love to play NCAA 13 and Madden 13. As of lately though, I can't stand Madden online, Everyone plays FAG D and perfect man to man with 100% squib and onside kick recoveries. Where is the SIM style of play? I can't stand losing to people who cheese me out of a win, but I do love pure competition and if I lose because it was a fair game, by all means, you deserve that win. My favorite teams are The Jets and Falcons, college ball, Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Hope to join soon!

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