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  1. it was mentioned above about practice squad it would be nice to have the option to sign them if someone is poaching them or if its the 1st season of 4 maybe a practice sq player isnt ready to make the 53 roster would be nice to maybe having the chance to hold 50% of them if needed /
  2. what i really like about this league(s) , forum , set up is the fact like anything else worth its salt it ALWAYS rebounds rebuilds whatever you wanna call it ..because there is a very good core of people that care about it ..ive only been around here since 2012 and had to take some time out a few years ago becaue of personal predicament
  3. i dont think anyone on admins or the site is doing anything wrong .. maybe people are just getting to busy with work .. i know i mentioned to vondia a few weeks back prior to the draft in the pro8 that i might have to let the pro 8 go because of work and band commitments ..but after thinking about it .. i agreed to try fit in where i can ... also what phil says its play iff time the game has been out a while .. and maybe how you manage your franchise might have a lot in saying as well for people sticking it out til the end and madden 18 ?
  4. Away from about Nov 2nd til Nov 9th just a heads up
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