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  1. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    Your American Sports/Teams

    San Francisco 49ers San Francisco Giants Anaheim Ducks
  2. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Ahh lol nee worries al
  3. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Lyric video for - Forever Is A Long Time ... digital download single
  4. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    New Blitzkrieg - Judge Not album release info

    Blitzkrieg - Judge Not Mighty Music - Release Date 27 April 2018 LINE UP BRIAN ROSS – LEAD VOCALS KEN JOHNSON – GUITARS, KEYBOARDS ALAN ROSS – GUITARS, LEAD VOCALS ON “WITHOUT YOU” HUW HOLDING – BASS MATT GRAHAM - DRUMS The album was recorded in Newcastle UK at Downcast Base HQ by Phil VanDetta Davies, but we elected to use a different studio this time around for mixing, and because we all admire the work that the Hansen Studios do most notably the mix of the Pretty Maids Pandemonium album, Jonas Haagensen came on board from the Hansen studios to mix the album. Track Listing Is As Follows : HERETIC WHO IS BLIND FOREVER IS A LONG TIME REIGN OF FIRE ALL HELL IS BREAKING LOOSE WITHOUT YOU LOUD AND PROUD ANGELS OR DEMONS WIDE LEGGED AND HEADLESS FALLING INTO DARKNESS JUDGE NOT LEST YOU YOURSELF BE JUDGED (alt album version) SCHOOLS OUT (alice cooper cover) - Bonus track The Album will be released on four formats : CD , Vinyl , Limited Edition Colour Vinyl , Digital Downland Pre Order Yours Now At : http://www.targetshop.dk/blitzkrieg
  5. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    What's your sporting Bucket List ???????

    you took at least 30 years off my life waiting on you coming back to finish the game off phil when you decided to take the longest time out in history so u could make a late night fry up lol ask @Diodex lol
  6. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    Hanging up my Madden Cleats

    sad to hear this Bri always a laugh on mic
  7. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    What's your sporting Bucket List ???????

    Done 49ers Home Games (Candlestick Park) and London Man United Home and Away Games Man United European away games European Cup Winner Cup Final European Cup Final FA Cup Final League Cup Final To Do World Cup Games Superbowl 49ers Play off games
  8. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    official AVENGERS INFINITY WAR trailer

    its ok mate we have star wars this month then black panther in feb to kill the wait lol
  9. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg - Reign of Fire EP Pre -Order

    Blitzkrieg release "Reign Of Fire" 7" vinyl December 8th! For fans of NWOBHM veterans Blitzkrieg, the long wait for new material is finally over. The 7" vinyl EP "Reign Of Fire" will see the light of day on the 8th of December 2017 in a limited edition of 500 copies embraced by amazing handdrawn old school metal artwork by Lee Murphy. "Reign Of Fire" was recorded by Phil (Vandetta) Davies at Downcast Base HQ Recording Studios, Newcastle upon Tyne, England and mixed by Johan Haagesen at Hansen Studios, Ribe, Denmark. Tracklist: Side A: Reign Of Fire Side B: Judge Not (exclusive track for this vinyl release only) can also be pre-ordered online at Amazon DE - https://goo.gl/FMrfic CDON - https://goo.gl/TPNwDv Mediamarkt.de - https://goo.gl/81hNec NuclearBlast.de - https://goo.gl/mhTJXb Targetshop.DK - https://goo.gl/ALR3G4 IMUSIC.DK - https://goo.gl/vxWzJa
  10. Ken2Blitzkrieg


    Seafood and Chicken
  11. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg - Reign of Fire t-shirts

    theres a track on the album about the whole fcking team Cam lmao
  12. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    Blitzkrieg - Reign of Fire t-shirts

    The Blitzkrieg "Reign Of Fire" t-shirts have arrived! You can order here along with the new 7" vinyl ep (out 8th of December). Only 500 vinyls and 100 shirts printed. http://targetshop.dk/blitzkrieg/ as modelled by the Mighty Music CEO Michael Andersen
  13. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    KFC Double Down

    nah was in two nights ago as well
  14. Ken2Blitzkrieg

    BLITZKRIEG New Ep to be Released