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  1. Weather is awful from train window on way to #Didcot

  2. Weather is awful from train window on way to #Didcot

  3. So guys at @XboxOneTour what games are planned for next Sunday and is there food and beer lol

  4. RT @nfl: 'He's projected to throw 64 touchdowns. And zero interceptions.' http://t.co/hUHkXLwIa9

  5. Come on Vikings, lets get the first win.

  6. awesomeCarpet shared the Grand Theft Auto V photo Del Perro Beach #GTAV http://t.co/D9Fv3KllOo http://t.co/1MBFHA9Gap

  7. awesomeCarpet shared the Grand Theft Auto V photo Del Perro Beach #GTAV http://t.co/HH0H5XV62S http://t.co/Zv0MA5XKfv

  8. Carpet Slippers

    GTA 5 photo thread.

    Some of my weekend antics....
  9. Carpet Slippers

    GTA 5 photo thread.

    OHHH its a bit dark, I will try and get a bit more arty
  10. Looking forward to Sunday, Vikings v Browns . Curry around Browns fan house, watch game with Gamepass, predictions??

    1. xelnino9x


      The Vikings D will outscore the Browns Offense!

    2. DiodeX


      Madras & Rice?

    3. trooper uk
  11. Could i call work and say i have fever?......GTA V fever lol. I was checking my stocks @ 5.30 am this morning!!

  12. Steelers take HB Beanie Wells in the FA, Pro 7 Franchise.

  13. Come on Vikings..bloody Ponder does my head in lol

  14. Have just picked up the Steelers in @MaddenPFL Pro -7 Franchise, should be enjoyable! Lets hope i do better than my last years PFL effort

  15. Carpet Slippers

    Ultimate Team?

    What you looking for then JA? Tah
  16. Nice, creeping out of work in about an hour. MUT here I come

  17. Carpet Slippers

    Ultimate Team?

    Nice, I could be intrested in Williams and Luck, what you want for them? Possibly both Guards lol
  18. Carpet Slippers

    Ultimate Team?

    LOL true
  19. Carpet Slippers

    Ultimate Team?

    Morning, I am looking for a QB (ground and pound style) and some guards or tackles (ground and pound again). In fact any decent ground and pound, tah. Pete
  20. Carpet Slippers

    refer a friend

    Gonna send out some this weekend
  21. Work getting in the way of my MUT

  22. Carpet Slippers

    Unable To Run

    Yeah I am loving the run game, sometimes frustrating with tripping over. But its much more realistic.
  23. Carpet Slippers

    Nfl Week 1 Post Game Reaction

    Vikings won and Peterson got 2 TD's!!! Enough said lol :applause: :applause: :applause:
  24. Carpet Slippers

    What I've Learned From Online Games...

    I have not looked that close, but I have not seen high scores in the head to head stats. Surley we would see it there.
  25. Carpet Slippers

    Player Xp

    Ok I think I was being stupid, no change there then! It must be auto assigning or saving up for the better upgrades. Doh.