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  1. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NCAA 14 on the PS3

    used to play ncaa dynasty back in the day might be able to pick it up over next month or so
  2. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    well its went from bruins coasting through to maple leafs potentially turning it around for an incredible upset. Should be a fascinating decider 32 saves last night I believe one of those nights
  3. FiftyShadesMCFC

    MLB 2018 Season

    Manaea fair play to the guy stopped the Sox one of the few that can. Red hot start aside from that in Boston though
  4. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Hopefully get job done on Saturday then for the Bruins
  5. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Great first period killed the game another good win for the bruins. Sure it wont be as easy in Toronto but even one win over there should kill the series
  6. FiftyShadesMCFC

    Your American Sports/Teams

    Boston in all 4 major sports Pats/Celtics for the past 20+ years finally got to a Celtics game this year was amazing to see the lads and Kyrie of course Bruins/Sox followed as an addition to above for last 10 years and tbh 2018 looks good for the city as all 4 teams are doing well NCAA - Oregon Ducks purely for uniform and style of play in both Bball and Football always exciting to watch still raw about Ducks not going all way in march madness last year missed out big time. And btw u cant possibly follow a Boston team if you have any affinity with NY Giants I have alerted the Bruins on Twitter
  7. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    I just use mobdro mate as games were on nbc sn last night. Otherwise head over to reddit
  8. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    Brilliant by my bruins great start. Tuuka was great in net first period
  9. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    plenty streams mate no need to splash out
  10. FiftyShadesMCFC

    MLB 2018 Season

    mad scenes in sox v Yankees sadly 9 game run ended but pretty mental rivalry is back haha
  11. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    @Mcmanus you cant possibly follow a boston team if u have any affinity with the new York giants Personally follow all the Boston teams and have done since day dot hopefully get off to a good start tonight
  12. FiftyShadesMCFC

    MLB 2018 Season

    we do indeed nice start some game with d-backs over LA classic ending
  13. FiftyShadesMCFC


    Great game like a madden shootout tbf. Sure Steelers fan are miffed right now at TD call probably difference between pats winning and not. However still expected TB to drive up and win again with 2:21 on the clock but not to be. Petersen brave and aggressive and that play will probably go down in history. Still looked like a game winning drive was on cards but big play by eagles fair play. Life after Mcddaniels, Patricia and possibly gronk will be interesting
  14. FiftyShadesMCFC

    NFL Bad Lip Reading 2018

    love these every year hilarious
  15. FiftyShadesMCFC


    Yeah think its fair to say Eagles have better roster but Pats have the best qb of all time, Bellicheck Mcdaniels and Gronk coupled with experience you would think will be enough. As always with BB he will shutdown Eagles main threat its up to them to have a plan b and will need to play lights out to have a chance. Expecting an exciting and close game however always a horrific 3 hours watching the pats in terms of nerves would love a straightforward win but hey any win will do