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  1. nicelub

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    How about some nhl 18 tournament here? I think it is in vault since today
  2. nicelub

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2018

    LETS GO DEVILS!!! Long time (over 20years) fan and very happy to see this young team back in playoffs after long 6 seasons. Now I just need to buy NHL.TV and tonight it will be great time
  3. nicelub

    Black Monday

    What??? Gruden is offensive coach and never was and never will be defensive coordinator. Also he will never accept anything less than HC with maybe 10+mil salary (and maybe he will demand full roster control). So there is no way that he will be in Tampa this season (if Koetter will be HC in 2018)
  4. nicelub

    Game Pass

    Hmm now i am worried because yesterday i bought gamepass. From xbox app it is working bad too?
  5. nicelub

    PFL Coaches

    Name : Lubomír Country: Czech Republic NFL Team : Buccaneers Other sports team/s : NJ Devils, Manchester United, Ferrari F1, Valentino Rossi First Madden game : 2004 Other favourite games : Fifa, nhl, race sims od PC (assetto corsa, race room, rfactor)
  6. nicelub


    there is group me for pro10? i was thinking that there was only group for pro8