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  1. Guys, I just want to let you know, that I am taking brake from Madden. I am really sorry, that I put my application in, but it was so early and I hoped that new Madden will be something special (some guys wrote something like that in that time), but I don't see it. I don't enjoy playing Madden as much as I want and I really don't want spend my money and free time (which I won't have that much this year) if I don't enjoy it. I don't want occupy space in this league, if someone else can have much more fun than me. I really like this community and hopefully will be back one day (maybe I will join you again when madden will be in ea access). It is not farewell, as I still will be watching this league and I still will be at discord. GL to all in your seasons and most importantly HAVE FUN
  2. great admins team :) also thank you @SnapDan for all your work!
  3. if there will be groups...how many games in group stage we will play?
  4. Will be there some list of taken teams? And what is FLM?
  5. I am not very good at fifa but for fun i will try it so I can select any team from 4 stars and below?
  6. Can you say me what teams are free? In xbox league search I find pfl pro8 where I think only arizona is free? But pfl pro10 I did not find at all And another question. For communication you use what? For example facebook, group me, email or this forum? Thanks
  7. Thanks for answers I tottaly forgot that I have default xboxone chat set. I have never uset that but I thinks it is enough? Mic is used only for information about 2pt conv., hurry up, 4th down play a what next? Thanks. Go bucs
  8. Hello guys, I am looking for european madden league and I found you. Is that right? Are you european league? Because I am from Czech Republic and I am looking for league with similar time zone Is there any open team in one of your leagues? And second question...I read your rulebook and there is written that headsets are mandatory. I dont have one and my spoken english is really not very good Is it really such a big problem for which I cannot join your league? Thanks for your answers
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