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  1. Hi @krudler42 there is a separate forum thread for this . See below.
  2. @ConnorG4 wish you all the best
  3. Bears have been taken. Read above Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. I'll take Patriots Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  5. We’re happy to announce our PFL Xbox Community continues to grow!!! We seem to have a few more new players coming in and rather than having a waiting list I’m pleased to announce the return of the PFL Arena league for Xbox users. The league will aim to follow the same mindset as our core PFL League with a few slight tweaks. The League will have 7 Day Advance (Could be quicker depends on how quick games are played) Rules will be the same set as the PFL main league You get to pick your own team Start Date – Aiming 19th August Ultimately we are aiming to market this league as a fun/casual league which will run alongside our existing offering to provide those who are on our waiting list a chance to experience a Madden PFL League. This league will be ideal for people that have extra time to play more games. Please bear in mind that this league will only be running for 2 seasons (depends on activity of people and interest First come first serve basis on team selection so if you’re interested in joining comment below I will also be looking for a Co-commish to help me run this league so if you may be interested please Inbox me on here or Discord. If you have any questions please just ask DJ @NFL UK Coach @PFL Coach @Staff @Xbox Commissioner @Member @PFL Legend @VIP
  6. Done. Thanks for all you do. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  7. @Xbox Commissioner Can someone please help? he cant seem to see the Xbox recruitment thread. Not sure if you have to do something your end
  8. Hello Guys, Im from Gibraltar and looking to join franchise league for Xbox Cheers
  9. Hi Guys, Big NFL fan here Patriots!! I haven't been playing Madden on xbox for long only few weeks lol so go easy on me!! Im from Gibraltar Europe (For now) family man so i normally like to play around 10pm my time. Thanks DJ
  10. any updates on my post? or i look for other league?


  11. Cheers I might be on in abit ps4 yeah?
  12. Hi All, Im David but call me DJFierro (30 years old married 2 kids one was born last week) im from the Rock Of Gibraltar been an NFL fan now for 6 years now and i support the Patriots. Looking to join the PS4 league. (althou i suck at the game) Hope to see u all around soon. Nice forum
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