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    • Day 4- Picks 25 to 32 of the PS4 PFL team MOCK DRAFT - Real Order - Real Draft is in a few weeks. This is where the team you wanted is pretty much taken full stop end of story, if you say otherwise, your pants are on fire! 25th Pick of the Madden 19 draft..... @aidopotato Comes out in his black and gold attire, goes down on his knees like he has done so many times before and prays to Bresus that he doesnt retire after season 1.  Aidan closes off the NFC South and takes the Saints. Saints quick hit: Start Players: Jordan DE, Brees QB, Thomas WR, Lattimore CB, Kamare HB Young players to watch: Rankins DT, Davenport DE, ANALzone (user) MLB   26th Pick of the Madden 19 draft ...... @Kerrgio..... He walks on stage to the Rolling stones - 'paint it black' and announces Da Raiders!  Alex switched teams mid Madden 18 to raid some talent in New York so this team should match his skill set.  I personally think Raiders are a very sneaky win now team.  QB in place, OL isn't the worst.  WR and TEs that can certainly cause problems and catch the ball.  Pound the rock with Murray, Martin and BeastMode.  Mack on the pass rush, LBs that will do the job and DBs good enough with Alex's skill set to make plays.  Raiders can dial up some real heat in madden 19 season 1 at least.   Raiders quick hit -  Star Players: Mack DE, Hudson C, K Osemele LG, A Cooper WR, R Melvin CB, J Nelson WR, D Penn LT  Young Talent: K Joseph SS, K Miller RT,    27th Pick of the Madden 19 draft and it is @Mattanite....joins the league and balls the f*ck out straight off the bat and finds himself picking at 27.  Matt takes the Ravens and joins Fraser in the North, hes loves a QB scramble and Jackson will be hard to stop! Ravens quick hit: Start Players:  Yanda RG, Smith CB, Williams DE, Pierce DT, Suggs OLB, Tucker K  Young players to watch: Humphrey CB, Jackson QB, Young CB, Hurst TE   28th Pick of the Madden 19 draft ....Martin aka @theBrain31188....choices are Colts, Lions, Bengals, Bills and Fins.....Martin engages his superior intellect and decides to go the Detroit Lions.  Daf showed us how easy it was to win with them and Martin of course works out that he can beat the Packers, Bears and Vikings with simple logic and skill.  Decision made. Lions Quick Hit - Star players - SLay CB, Tate III WR, Blount HB, Jones Jr WR, Quin FS, Stafford with his monster Throw Power QB, Young players to watch - Golladay WR, Johnson HB   29th Pick of the Madden 19 draft... @IvanFarai92 Takes the Colts much to everyone's surprise.  Ivan is obviously looking at the groups and strength of opposition.  Also avoids the ball ache of having two Ivan the terrible in the same division.  Personally I can see the Colts going to Daf or Flirtsie. Colts Quick Hit: Superstar players to watch - A Luck QB, Hilton WR, Ebron TE Youngsters - Nelson LG, Farley SS, Hooker FS, Basham DE, Mack & Hines (Spam) at HB   30th Pick of the Madden 19 draft is Cam who is @Beyond The Game with the Bengals, Cam loves cheese and can't resist the smell of John Ross in full motion.  Cam will find a crocked way to fix this guy!  He also wants nothing to do with Daf or Flirtsie, so closes off the NFC north. Bengals Quick hit Star Players - Green WR, Atkins DT, Eifert TE, Burflict ROLB, Bernard and Mixon HB,  Youngsters - Lawson DE, Willis DE, ROSS WR (Offensive player of the week), J Evans (Broken user MLB and Defensive player of the week) expect to read that a lot!   31st pick in the madden draft is ........... @Flirtsie who runs on stage at a weird angle then cuts back to centre stage last minute where he is free with time and space.....This guy loves a run and finds space with ease it seems....  Flirstie is looking tired but announces the Bills, must wonder what 'shady' stuff he was up to the previous night (smashing ex's or working out, let social media decide!).  Bills Quick Hits: Star Players - Hyde SS, McCoy HB, Poyer FS, White CB, Fat Benjamin WR Young Pups - Edmunds MLB, Jones WR, Allen QB 32nd Pick of the Madden 19 draft is who some describe as a spreadsheet & calculator Guru / Nerd / Wizard.... @dwevans.  Daf runs on stage with his wee wizard wand like a young Harry Potter plus luminous green crocs (he's all the money in the world and buys the very definition of s**t shoes) promising to win super bowls with the worst rosters in the game.... Miami.... Happy spell casting in Madden 19 Daf!  If Daf loses a game with this roster he is absolutely tanking..... Poor Marco and Fifty in the AFC East, least you will get good teams in Madden 20! Fins quick hit: Star players - R Jones SS Youngsters to develop - Gesicki TE, Fitzpatrick CB Current Picks  NFC WEST 2- 49ers - Murdo 15 - Rams - Fazak 17 - Seahawks - Hansolo 24 - Cards - Aaron NFC East 4 - Eagles - Ace 5 - New York Giants - Daniel 6 - Dallas Cowboys - Kev 8 - Redskins - Quietlife NFC North 3 - Bears - LiquidSolid 10 - Packers - Roger 14 - Vikings - Exilizer 28 - Lions - Martin NFC South 12 - Buccs - Stuart 19 - Panthers - JWS / FatDaz 23 - Falcons - Ian 25 - Saints - Aidan AFC WEST 11 - Chargers - Rugby Dan 20 - Cheifs - Levett 22 - Broncos - Chris P 26 - Raiders - Alex K AFC East 1 - NY Jets - Marco 7 - New England Patriots - Fifty 31 -Bills - Flirtsie 32 - Fins - Daf AFC North 9 - Steelers - Ivan / Ghetto  13 - Browns - Fraser 27 - Ravens - Matt 30 - Bengals - Cam AFC South  16 - Jags - Shane 18 - Titans - Luk 21 - Texans - Warlow 29 - Colts - Ivan Waiting List: Alan R (not sure if he is buying madden 19 currently as he said he wasn't) Cryptic Badabing (still MIA)
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