Detroit Free Press – The Lions, less of a roar, more of a snore

When new General Manager Moe Hawkes bought the Detroit Lions in the offseason, Lions fans were interested and intrigued to see what he new owner would bring to the Lions, and how the team would perform under Matt Patricia. Hawkes immediately went on record to say that expectations should be tempered as he put his philosophy in to place. And requested patience to put the pieces together to make this franchise a team to be reckoned with. It’s safe to say that that patience is definitely being tested as it’s not been the start that anyone would’ve wanted. 

With the halfway point of the season now upon us it’s fair to say the Lions fans haven’t had much to be excited about when the team has taken the field. A 0 – 6 record going in to the game against the winless Giants. Especially as they woke up to the news that ever present QB Matt Stafford had been traded to the Dolphins, with Mitchell Trubisky taking over his spot on the roster.

Throwing for 1347 yards, 10 touchdowns but 21 interceptions, it’s fair to say that Stafford hadn’t had the best of seasons in a Lions jersey this year before he was traded. And we wish him well and hope he enjoys his time in sun soaked Miami.

The fans were definitely eager to see what Trubisky could contribute to a dismal start, and if in fact there would be any improvement or things would get worse. Affectionately known as “Mr Biscuit” it remains to be seen if he’ll crumble under the pressure, of if he’ll be a solid as a hobnob leading the Lions offense. 

And the fans were still picking up their jaws up at the Stafford trade when it was announced superstar cornerback Darius Slay JR had been traded to division rivals the Vikings. But an offer of a 1st and 2nd pick in the end of season draft, along with replacement cornerback Trae Waynes, it was too good to pass up. Let’s just hope the draft picks are used wisely in what seems to be a rebuild happening at Ford Field. 

Going in to the game against the Giants, fans were definitely not optimistic. But something had to give. Both teams were winless and it’s fair to say not on their best form. And in true form, neither team could win it in normal game time. And in to overtime it went. The Lions finally gave their fans something to cheer about, other than the improvement in the concessions stands at Ford Field that is. New quarterback Trubisky giving the fans a display of what might be to come, throwing for 345yds, 2tds & 2ints in his first game leading the team. He almost had a rushing TD to add to his stats in the jersey, but unfortunately fumbled as he was hit diving for the end zone. But it was a winning field goal in overtime from Matt Prater that sealed the win and put the Lions at a 1 – 6 record. 

With the upcoming visit to the 3 – 4 Raiders, will the Lions find their roar, or will you find them sleeping in the jungle once the final whistle blows?