San Diego Times

San Diego Times         1st  September 2019

Chargers with big turn over

It’s a month passed since Mr. Winti took over as Owner and took controll of the Chargers. In our last interview Mr. Winti made some big promises to all the Chargers Fans out there.
First he made big waves with announcing that the Chargers are no longer interested in moving into the Rams stadium at Inglewood and instead move into thier own Stadium in South L.A. Next to the Highway Number 5(the highway between L.A. and San Diego). We have no Idea how this is possible but it looks like the Chargers will move into thier new, not yet built, Stadium only 12 months after the move was announced. Asked about the new Stadium the Chargers owner said:“I’m pretty happy with the new Stadium plans. Not only do we not have to pay anything to the Rams, but it also gives us one of the best facilities in the League. This stadium will longterm pay itself easiely. It will give the Chargers finally a new home.“

But not only on the Stadium front was a big splash by the Chargers also on the Sport front happend alot.

A lot of players left the club and were replaced by other players. But the big news was Melvin Gordon. Melvin Gordon, who will be a free agent at the end of this Season and wanted more money then the Chargers are comfortable to pay in thier current situation, left the Chargers and headed to Florida, where he will play in Tampa. In exchange LB Lavonte David joined the team in South Cal. David is expected to fill a big whole as leader of this young Linebacker core. Meanwhile Ekkler, Jaxson and Free Agent signing Dakwa should fill the hole left by Gordon as a commite.

Asked about the Preseason Mr. Winti said: „We’re happy with where our team stands at this point. We have a lot of new players who have to get used to the style we want to play, but we believe that they all have the potential to fullfill the role we want them to“. Asked if he sees any position he wants to strengthen Winti told us: „In my opinion protecting our QB is one of the most important things. Rivers is the Key for us if we can keep him healthy, there is nothing this team can’t do. That’s why, eventhough we like all our players at offensive line, we always look to improve there.“

To end the interview we asked if there are any big plans or big announcement to make: „Indeed we have a big announcment to make. In Switzerland some sport team offer the local public transport fee included in the ticket. This normally means if you have a game ticket you can use all public transport within city limits for free. Inspired by this idea we were able to negotiate a deal with the local railway company and allow every Seasonticket holder, for an extra charge of 100 dollar per season ticket, to use any train between Bakersfield and San Diego on a match day for free. We hope this will help our fans outside of LA to reconnect with the team they love.