PFL Showtime

The league is now live and ready to join. We are approaching a bank holiday weekend, when lots of people are away and if you’re like me working constantly during it 😂

The rules for you to refresh yourself with are above. Owner mode, you can create or be an existing owner, the league is owner mode only, so you shouldn’t even have the option to create a coach, so you can’t get it wrong. When coaches are fired they don’t appear in available staff until the next advance.

Pre season week 1 will be live September 1st at 00:00, this is when you can play games, if everyone has joined before then you can play games but we won’t be advancing to week 2 any quicker with people being away. People will not be AP’d by commissioners in pre-season. Everyone should have the app and the ability to AP themselves, there is no computer games remember just force wins, so AP’ing someone in the regular season won’t happen. You will though be allowed to play the CPU in pre-season if the other member AP’s themselves.

Waiver deadline is August 30th, everyone has access to daddy leagues, you can see free agents without even joining the league, the waivers will be done in team OVR order, worst to first, from the league I created on the main menu when it says select your team, the list will be published later, but you will all be able to view this when you join. Waiver winners will be awarded on August 31st, then you will have the option to pick up your guy before you play in pre season week 1. Send your claims (max 10 players) to myself and @helimachoptor on the site before August 30th 23:59.

Trades will not work until pre season week 2, but you still have over a week to get some blocks up, change player positions (from the groups in the rules only), agree to trades (only 1st round picks and superstar dev & xfactor players need approving but commissioners still have the right to overturn any trade that looks iffy) and you can cut players freely anytime you don’t have to wait until the 1st.


League Created 21st August

Waivers from 21/8/19 to 30/8/19 send in a PM on the site to me and Heli max 10 players

Pre season week 1 – Sunday 1st September 00:00 to 6pm (remember if everyone has joined by today, before the 1st, you can play these games earlier than the 1st)
W2 & W3 – W2 is 6pm Sunday to 4pm Monday & W3 is 4pm to 00:00
W4 – Tuesday 3rd – Roster cuts, most important pre season day, to midnight to midnight
Regular Season W1 – Wednesday 4th to Saturday 7th Normal advance, due to extension of the joining period, pre season pre season 1-3 done the way it is.
W2 – Sunday 8th to Tuesday 10th.
Then the normal advances, Wednesday to Saturday, Sunday to Tuesday.

League settings are below.

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@Xbox Commissioner @PFL Coach