When The Saints Go Marching In For A Takeover

Rumors have been circulating around the NFL about a possible take over from a company that is established across the big pond.
Since the passing of the late Tom Benson, Gayle Benson is the widow of Tom Benson , former owner of the NFL New Orleans Saints and NBA New Orleans Pelicans. She is now the owner of both teams, despite a multi-year dispute with Tom’s daughter and grandchildren over control of family assets.
But as of late things have gotten out of control and according to latest figures from companies house the club is now in debt and facing going into administration.

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Saints press conference to be aired 6pm

Gayle: Many thanks for you all to join us on this short notice.
As much as i love this club and im sure my husband would not like to see the way the club is in financially.
With regret we have decided to 100% sell the organisation to a foreign investor.
This investor has good wealth and has an excellent knowledge on how to run company from the ground up. As from 01/08/2019 Fierro Corp will be in full control of New Orleans Saints
I wish to thank my family and friends for making this transition as swiftly as possible and i wish Fierro Corp every success for the future.

Mr Fierro: Many Thank you Gayle, what you have done for this club is amazing and im sure we shall keep you close to our hearts in this organization.
Once i had the opportunity to buy the club i didnt think twice about it. I just wanted to get the contract drafted up and sign ASAP
I want to be able to do many thing here in Orleans
My main focus atm is to win all the fans over and i know having a new owner this will take some time but we shall get there.
I will provide everything i can in my power to give what the fans truly want … and that’s to lift that Lombardi Trophy
Dont get me wrong there will be some bumps and grinds along the way & also some sacrifices that some may not like.
Reporter: Can you tell us about the staff personnel what will happen with this take over?
Fierro: At the moment i will get to know everyone and then will sit down at let them know my views moving forward. Sean Payton has done a terrific job here but is it time for him to move on? like wise to Brees top guy top QB but is he starting to decline?? this is things i need answers to and that will be a process we all need to undertake.
Many Thanks all no further questions….