San Diego Times

San Diego Times 26th July 2019

Los Angeles Charger with new Ownership

For multiple days now were rumors in the air that Los Angeles Charger Owner Dean Spanos is looking to sell the Chargers. Now it turns out the rumors were true yesterday Mr. Spanos officially sold the Chargers to a Swiss Enterprise named Wintis IT Solutions. Wintis IT Solutions is a swiss IT enterprise with Headquaters in Winterthur, Switzerland, who is looking to open up a new Office in San Jose, California.


Chargers Fans when the news broke yesterday evening

We were able to speak with the CEO of Wintis IT Solution Marcel Winti:

Hello Mr Winti thank you that you took the Time to talk with us. For all the Chargers fan out there who have no Idea who you are. What is there to say about you?

I’m a Swiss IT Specialist who is owner of one of the biggest IT Companies in Switzerland. We decided the open a new office in the World Capital of the IT industry, in San Jose in the famous Silicon Valley.

Beside the Buisness I’m also a big Sport Fan who is also co-owner of my local Hockey Club EHC Winterthur(I own one share of the value of 100 bucks so technically that makes me a co-owner)

Why did you decide to invest your money in the Los Angeles Chargers?

I’m a big NFL fan and I think the Chargers and there fans deserve better then what they are right now. They are better then being „The other team in LA“. Right now they are the Team in the shadows of the Rams, and with the move into the Rams Stadium in Inglewood that won’t change.

Does this mean you don’t want the Chargers to move into the new Inglewood Stadium?

I can say in a perfect world the Chargers wouldn’t move into a Stadium that doesn’t belong to them

So does that mean they won’t move into Inglewood Stadium?

A typical Owner probably would not give you a clear statement here. But as a Fan of the Sport I know what the fans want. So yes my lawyers looking into this whole contract with the Stadium, the City of Los Angeles and the NFL. And I will promise you fans out there I will try everthing to bring the Chargers back into the City they belong. So San Diego be ready for the return of the Chargers.

Okay that is a bold statement, what other change do you plan for this team? Can we exepect some changes in the personals?

For the moment I can say, I have no plans to move on from Anthony Lynn and his staff, who did an excelent job with this team last year, and I have the full believe that they can repeat thier sucess.

Mr Telesco will stay with us as well, but he already signed a new Contract as Assistant GM, while I will take the role as GM.

Does that mean we can expect some changes within the Team?

I definitly want to give this team a bit of my personal touch. So some players will go and some new will come in.

Do you already have specific Players in mind?

I first have to talk with my coaches and scouting staff before I will make any decision on who stays and who goes.

Okay Thank you for the Interview and good luck to you and your team

Thanks it was a pleasure to talk to you.