Wintis Xbox Madden 20 Team Mockdraft

AFC West

  1. @fortworthjoe Denver Broncos He gets the first Pick in the Division of his real life team no difficulty to predict here that Joe will go with the Broncos

  2. @HLR Milo Kansas City Chiefs Mahomes do I really have to say more

  3. @Winti26 LA Chargers(If I can San Diego Chargers in season 2) Not only do I don't want to take away Nillis Team, but I also like them better then the Raiders

  4. @NillisLukins Oakland Raiders He has no choice here but he gets his favourite team so everybody is happy


NFC West

  1. @HJO1403 Arizona Cardinals another fan who gets his team

  2. @Hitthesticks10 Seattle Seahawks I know it slowy gets boring but another homer pick

  3. @nicelub LA Rams nicelub can't believe his luck he gets on 3rd position the best team in the division and probably one of the best in the league

  4. @TopLoader San Fransico 49ers He gets the 49ers by default but he definitley could have had a worse team to get by default


AFC North

  1. @Triangle King Baltimore Ravens Another homer :lazy2:

  2. @SPARKYR008 Cleveland Browns Despite former Giant OBJ I predict that (Jets fan)Sparky will take them the talent in Cleveland is just to high to pass just because of a former Giants

  3. @hubblewiffle Pittsburgh Steelers They lost Brown and Bell but are still the more interesting option then the Bengals

  4. @Scottyob Cincinati Bengals He choose this division and knew he would get the Bengals and the Bengals he will get

NFC North

  1. @PaulG Chicago Bears Honestly this division is a big toss up and much can happen. I go with 99 ovr Mack here as reason for this 1st pick

  2. @CheekyChaz Minnesota Vikings I have no idea about Cheeky Chaz so I just go what in my opinion is the better theam here with the Vikings

  3. @yougod10 Green Bay Packers Again no Idea about yougod, but they have Aaron Rodgers one of the best Qbs of this Generation. So I go there

  4. @TN34RY! Detroit Lions They are what is left in he seems to be pretty okay about the fact that he will get them most likley.

NFC South

  1. @BodsRFC New Orleans Saints Am I bias? Yes! But they are the defending Division Champ and the best overall team in this Divison

  2. @DJFierro Atlanta Falcons(hey I even wrote it right:sneaky1:) The Falcons are arguablly the only Team in this Division who could play 4 year with the same QB and still have a very good one at the end of this Franchise

  3. @Cardy Carolina Panthers Luke Kuechly(! ) and Newton,maybe he is not an very good QB like Ryan but he is still a good QB with whom you could play all 4 Season without much problems

  4. @PackersChris Tampa Bay Buccaneers By Default he is left with the Buccs. I would say there are worse 4th teams in the Division then the Buccs.

AFC South

  1. @Toby Carswell Houston Texans You have Watt and Clowney on Defense and Watson and Hopkins on Offense and in additon a Vondia who will bring you alot of trade offers

  2. @dr_volki Jacksonville Jaguars Sacksonville may be a QB away from being a very good team(No I don't think Madden Foles is the Answer)

  3. @JMitch97 Indianapolis Colts That's only based on that I like Luck more then Mariotta

  4. @DanMcGrath77 Tenessee Titans Heli already said he would want Mariota but now that Heli doesn't get the Dolphins I'm not sure that offer is still out there. If not Dan has to find another way to get another QB.

AFC East

  1. @PatsUK New England Patriots Sooo.... another homer, I am so done with the homers even if this is also pick the best team in the division

  2. @SnapDan New York Jets Danny said he was not sure between the Jets and the Bills I say he goes Jets just to force Vondia to pick the Dolphins

  3. @Vondia Miami Dolphins Vondia made it clear that he doesn't want the same Team again as last year so that leaves him with the Dolphins

  4. @Nielson121 Buffallo Bills Nielson can't believe his luck he doesn't get the Dolphins and a free upgrade for one of the Bills player(a.k.a Allen)

NFC East

  1. @Mcmanus New York Giants another homer (I promise this is the last one), Heli is the winner of this Pick

  2. @JA15 Dallas Cowboys This could also be the Eagles but JA played the Eagles in last years Arena so I took another team for him.

  3. @Sleepyzoid76 Philladephia Eagles Sleepy will go from the crossstate rival Pittsburgh to the best team in this Madden and that with what is the 3rd pick in this divison

  4. @helimachoptor Washington Redskins He is not the Dolphins or Giants so he will be happy with this, and he will also get a free upgrade for Haskins