Madden 20 What Team Shall I Pick?

So its finally here!!! the moment we have all been waiting for Madden 20
Now that you have seen the opponents that will be in your division, it might be a time where your guessing who to pick as a team.

Ive gone through some data and managed to pick out what i believe that could help you pick your team for the PFL Madden 20 seasons…

Quinnen Williams. | 80 OVR. | New York Jets. | DT.
Marquise Brown. | 77 OVR. | Baltimore Ravens. | WR.
T.J. Hockenson. | 77 OVR. | Detroit Lions. | TE.
Bosa. | 78 OVR. | San Francisco 49ers. | RE.
Ed Oliver Jr. | 79 OVR. | Buffalo Bills. | DT.
Josh Allen. | 77 OVR. | Jacksonville Jaguars. | LE.

Although there are 32 NFL teams, only a handful can be considered the perfect rebuild option in Madden 20 franchise mode.
Here are our top 5 teams to rebuilds in Madden 20

5-Cincinnati Bengals

4-New York Giants


2-Miami Dolphins

1-Arizona Cardinals
The Cardinals coming in at #1 should surprise no one, considering the changes they made on both sides of the football this offseason. Kyler Murray has the potential to be this Madden generations Michael Vick.
With a young, fast, #1 overall pick quarterback, you can command anything you want on the trade market. Or just keep him and develop him into a star in a few seasons.
Furthermore, the cardinals have a group of skilled players is as explosive as any. David Johnson remains one of the league’s best running backs and a receiving core of Larry Fitzgerald, Christian Kirk, Andy Isabella, and Hakeem Butler will be scary to try to defend.

Miami Dolphins | 74 OVR

The top-rated players in Madden 20 on the Dolphins are LT Laremy Tunsil (84 OVR) and WR Kenny Stills (84 OVR). The team’s offensive line was ranked dead last in the NFL by Pro Football Focus, and if you scroll down, you’ll see why nobody’s going to use this team in Madden 20. (Hint: It has to do with one of the league’s worst QB situations.) Did you know that Miami is allegedly sinking into the ocean?

Philadelphia Eagles | 89 OVR

The Eagles check into Madden 20 with five players at 90 OVRs or better, and two with 89 OVRs. Five of those seven players are either on the offensive or defensive line, which goes to show how important it is in Madden to have strong fronts on both sides of the ball. The guys in the trenches don’t get the glamour of skill position players, but they do the dirty work. Guys like DT Fletcher Cox (96 OVR), C Jason Kelce (94 OVR), RG Brandon Brooks (90 OVR) RT Lane Johnson (89 OVR), and RE Brandon Graham (89 OVR) anchor this Philly roster, creating and protecting for the rest of the squad.

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