Rams Hammer The Falcons

Happy Easter All!!

Season opener Falcons visit Rams


***We managed to catch up with Matt Ryan after the game vs Rams***

Reporter: Matt not the prettiest of games – are you able to describe what went wrong today?


Matt: Wrong haha!! That’s an understatement – just wasn’t good enough tonight and i cant really say what went well on offence or defence tonight, was just unacceptable performance on my part and i know i have to do better.

Reporter: You had 3 INTS in the first half what was the issue out there?

Matt: I meanat the beginning of the game i thought we had some control, we managed to drive down the field and get a FG but then they seem to find there strive and scored a TD and we just could match the scoreline at the end of the day field goals doesn’t beat a team like the rams.

We had a few good plays but couldn’t never build confidence on the high plays.

All credit to them they played well and hats off to them @overduewandas they seem to have those extra plays that we didn’t and that’s the game at the end of the day. There defence lurked most of my throws at time I had to really force throws that now looking back I shouldn’t have but that’s the game you learn and try to improve next week.

Gurley had a massive game that we couldn’t contain, I think he had 2 TD for over 150 yards and a player for this calibre we just cant allow that to happen.

Reporter: What’s next for you to improve and not to make this performance again with 325 yards good solid amount but 5 INTS

Ryan: I need to perform better, we have a new head coach and not to put the blame on him but we are all new to this play book and I guess its back to basics and to the drawing board.

Reporter: We captured a little moment you had with Goff at the end of the game – what was said ?


Matt: I saw Goff at the end of the game and congratulated him wished him him all the best for the rest of the season and I think they will get far if they continue to show there dominance the way they did tonight.

Reporter: Thanks for you time and we wish you the best for the remainder of the season.

***We tried to catch up with HC David Fierro but he refused to comment …***