DJ Reporter: With training camp well under way  –  Last season you came out 14-2, fantastic run and you had the division under control and seem heavy odds on favourites to make the Superbowl. What didn’t go your way in that divisional game against the Rams that put a stop to your Superbowl run.

Coach Danny: Yeah it was a great season. My 2nd year in charge of the Seahawks. Year one was tough, as I  took over the team in a bad situation, big players had just left in free agency, cap room was low and the team had no draft picks.

So a lot of work went into to that first off season and we started the year 1-5. But since that combined we’ve been 23-3. (10-6 & 14-2) so been rolling.

Last 5 games of the season this year I messed up a bit and played the backups. This kind of affected the confidence and flow of the roster.

I’ve been able to get beyond the divisional round as a coach and I thought this year would have broken the duck!

DJ Reporter: Talking about confidence and roster spot….. surprising enough we see releases to Baldwin, Jones, Campbell and Carson as being the main guys. Any reason why new contracts haven’t been offered or agreed?

Coach Danny: They were rotational guys, I believe in the system. Slot guys in and it’ll work the same.

Baldwin Jones and Carson were expensive rotational guys, we tried to keep Calais Campbell but he turned down the first offer and wanted to test free agency and we had no space to tag him.

DJ Reporter: Recent Release of Baldwin has been trending on social media, well …we not sure if you keep up to date with all that social media lark but he has posted a tweet expressing surprised release ……….


Care to comment?

Coach Danny:  Doug is an influential guy, he speaks his mind. He wasn’t happy he dropped down the pecking order and wanted to retire a Seahawk. I’m here to win games not pamper to players.

DJ Reporter:  Bit harsh… What’s the plan for the draft? Do u have any picks? If not why?

Coach Danny:  Straight to the point  – No picks for us. Had to trade them away to get picks for last year’s draft

This year’s class stinks anyway. No blue chip guys

DJ Reporter:  Any chance of a trade to get you in the draft?

Coach Danny:  Unfortunately I won’t be around for the draft as the owners gave me the week off for the fantastic turn around last year

DJ Reporter: “Ok easy cowboy… “ What’s the plan for the last season in madden 19?? Trades for players? Year objectives?

Coach Danny: Win the West again. Then break my divisional round duck and make the championship game. 

Had my first ever 1000 yard WR last year so would like to follow it up with another!

DJ Reporter: Some coaches are saying that it’s a one hit wonder and as a coach over rated… “quote has come from Cardinals Coach”

Coach Danny: All I have to say is Mike Williams will again terrorize. (Aimed at the Cardinals)

DJ Reporter: That’s we all have for today but I’m sure Cardinals Coach will want to respond ….


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