PFL Madden Season 3 Superbowl

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Its that time of the year again where 2 teams have grinded through the weeks of madden the sweat, the hand aches, the button bashing that the controllers have received and it all comes down to this 1 game you both become the centre of attention to get that 1 prize!!!

And oh boy it sure wasn’t a let-down!!

It was history in the making as this became the one if not the best Superbowls in PFL history

With record audience on mixer from both streams at one point got up to 25 views!!

Before kick off both teams showed there dominance as in why they should be where they are today.


On paper Bills look a sure thing :

·         Mahomes first year suiting up in a Bills uniform, making his first SB appearance of his career delivering 4153 yards 52 TDs  for the season could this young stud come back to haunt Kansas?

·         Elliot in the backfield has to step up for the injured Crayton. we all know Elliotts ability to rip the defence apart with side runs

·         WR Hopkins came 5th in the league with 1436 receiving yards and 13 TD – one of the best WR in the game today.

·         Statistically the Bills are the best team this year. Can they come out on top ?


·         Goff is also making his first Superbowl appearance and will the nerves take the better of him? His stats for the year are pretty decent as he came 2ndin league with 4334 Yards 36 TD’s but also had 31 INTS

·         Running back Gurley I think will be the man focus on this game – Rams should consider about getting him off early in the game and try to do what he has done all season and that is rack up the yards He led the league in yards and TDs with 1719 for 17.

·         The other key player for Los Angeles I think is RE Simon Chase the youngster has really showed what he is made of this year with 20 sacks and came be a real handful for Mahomes if he comes of that edge, they best have a back up play planed for him. 


We managed to catch up with both QB’s as they arrived at the stadium – both seems calm

“Mahomes Quotes” wishes the best for Goff has a great amount of respect for him and what he has gone throughout the year, wants to win this 1 for the team

“Goff Quotes” felt blessed to be in the Superbowl – he wanted to thank the back staff and his coaches as he said if it was for them he wouldn’t be in this position”

Fans Predicts Rams 48% Bills 52%

Kick off is here and were off to a good start by the Bills , Goff had 2 interceptions in the first quarter and before you know it Bills were up 21-0

Rams started slow and unable to contain the bills explosive weapons, but managed to claw back 2 TD before the half making it 21-14

Second half kicked off and again Rams started slow again Bills managed to get another TD making it 28-14

Bills Defensive started to gain the momentum and where maybe focusing on Gurley too much and this allowed the Rams to get back in the game

Going into the 4th Quarter Bills threw 2 INTS 1 was pick 6 from Ebukam & Howard with the other INT which allowed the Rams to Draw the game 34 apiece.

Rams driving down the field looking for the win 2mins 30sec left on the clock Goff looked in full control but seems like one of the WR missed is route and Edmunds picked the ball and this then led the Bills in great field position.

Ran the ball quite well and with 5 secs left on the clock Bills Kicker S.Hauschka kicked the winner. Bills 37 -34 Rams


MVP split between Edmunds & Howard but because was game winning INT I think Edmunds takes it. Stats don’t lie it was a cracking game – great performance but both teams congrats to you both.


Thanks & until next year all!! @PFL Coach