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Report by DJFierro

PFL Reporter : We are outside the Dallas Cowboys training facility waiting for the arrival of head coach Helimachoptor

*** Car arrives, and Jerry Jones steps out with HC Helimachoptor***

Reporter:  Helimachoptor Can you spare a few minutes for a couple of questions?

 Helimachoptor : Sure ….

PFL Reporter: Fans are here in protest and calling for your resignation … care to comment on this?

Helimachoptor: This is why we are here today myself and Mr Jones have called an emergency meeting to see how we can move forward & for the best interest for the team.

PFL Reporter: What’s the situation with Antonio Brown? as he is a free agent this coming yr.

Helimachoptor: Antonio came to Dallas to win. He contributed effectively and was broadly on par with his last 2 seasons, very good for an “ageing” receiver and some other head coaches called him. They didn’t want to break the bank on the space that would be created when we was double teamed which allowed Taylor Gabriel to get nearly 1500 yards, so yes I’m confident in saying that contract talks are on going and we want to re-sign Antonio.

PFL Reporter: With Dak getting few bucks for yrs to come has he met your expectations? Rumors are circulating that a trade could happen to free up that massive contract?

Helimachoptor: He’s been up and down, for sure the supposed highly rated offensive line meant he had to scramble and throw on the run more that I would have liked, but some of the bad throws and INTS are throws other “lesser” QB’s make with ease. He’s got to be more consistent if he wants that ring.

PFL Reporter: How has your running game/plan been? Do you miss Elliott?

Helimachoptor: Of course, you always miss a player with his quality, however out of that trade I got 150 tackles 22 INTs and 2 defensive TD’s from Jordan Poyer. At the time I needed help at safety and Poyer has delivered, the biggest issue I have with the running game has been how much I get tackled for a loss kills a lot of momentum but that’s something we need to work on to improve.

PFL Reporter: What needs to change next season to better that 7-9 season?

Helimachoptor: The offensive line needs to man up, they are highly paid blockers who don’t perform to the level they should. The only reason they are still there is because of their contracts. Running backs need to find the holes and break the first tackle. Dak needs to go through his progressions. Please excuse me as I have this meeting ….

***Jerry Jones wishes to address the media***

Jerry: After much discussions we have agreed to mutually part ways with Mr Helimachoptor – some disagreement meant us to decide what best for the team and what best for the future of the Dallas Cowboys.

The whole Cowboys organization and I wish to thank Mr Helimachoptor for everything he has done & wish him every success in the future.

PFL Reporter: What does the future hold for you now Helimachoptor?

Helimachoptor: I’m going to take my time to consider my options, spend some time with close and love ones and after the summer we shall see what crops up. I’m would expect some coaches will be victims on Black Monday and Tennessee has always been close to my heart…. Thanks all.