PFL Radio – Chargers – Arena

PFL Radio Show caught up with head coach of the Chargers David

Presenter: Welcome to the show David and thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule.

Last year saw from what fans describe as a disappointed campaign sitting at (7-9) and not getting to the playoffs, can you describe how the season panned out from your original goal at the beginning of the season  

David: From training camp last year we had the mindset of reaching the playoffs unfortunately that wasn’t to be, and I will take the blame for this – I did have some personal issues which I know its an excuse on the poor performance we endured.

Presenter: We did see some great performances from star WR Keenan Allen racking up over 1000yrds and also Mike Williams with 15 TD’s

What’s the plan for this new year as we approach the draft?

David: Allen & Williams always give it there all when they step on the field and every time we have asked for them to deliver or to do something outside of there comfort zone they always seem to make it happen. I’m thrilled to have them here in Los Angeles and excited to see what they can do this yr.

Presenter: I’m just checking my Twitter feed and I can see Mariota has just put pen to payer on a 4yr deal for Chargers!! Wow

David: That’s right wow news gets around fast!! As training camp is well under way we have decided to step in another direction get some youth, and sign up Mariota

Unfortunately, this will result in some players coming and going which I’m sure you’ll see in due course.

Presenter: Would that likely impact the likes of Rivers? Ingram?

David: at this moment in time id rather not discuss this until I’ve spoken to the players.

Presenter: Draft is just days away .. Are you able to discuss on who you going to pick?

David: hahah I won’t be saying who we have picked for our first round, but I guess we won’t know until the night if we will be able to take him off the board – many scenarios can occur and you just cant be set on 1 player.

For this particular draft I will be looking for depth as I want the key players that we already have to make a big impact for years to come.

Presenter: As for trading players any news on this subject?

David: Every player has their price and we are willing to listen to all trades, as for us trading for new players we shall have to see …

Presenter: That’s all we have for today I want to Thank David for your time and wish you all the luck in the new season

David: Many thanks for having me – Hope I get to come back soon      (Phone rings….. David: Hello Mr Houston “David gets up and walks out the studio” …..)