The Clink

There have been mixed reactions to the appointment of former Seahawks head coach SnapDan, during his first stint for the Hawks he had a terrible 1st season and went 3-13, leading to the exits of senior players like Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman and Cliff Avril. Good times then followed with the team going 15-1, 13-3 and 14-2. The young team relied on the defence, record breaking seasons from Bobby Wagner and rushing game records from Thomas Rawls. It was old school run first and defend hard football, though some say that will never win you a ring in today’s NFL pass happy league.

Snapdan never took the team beyond the divisional round and in his 8 season as a HC in the PFL the divisional round is always the best he can achieve, some fans think this is a step back and wanted a flashy young offensive mind like Coach DaBurg but the Hawks have gone back to Snap!

He left the seahawks after 4 seasons and a 45-19 record, he joined the Miami Dolphins which wasnt a success, making the play offs only once in 4 seasons which a 40-24 record, the wins and loss looks like a decent record but the lack of play off appearances make it a failure.

With not many draft picks SnapDan had to make some moves to build the roster using next years picks, he did approve a new 4 year deal for Earl Thomas as well as bringing in high profile WR Mike Williams and former Cardinals DE Calais Campbell. It will be an interesting pre season, Snap usually uses a 34 defence but early noises are he will be using a 43 base this time around in Seattle, he will need to get off to a good start and with the Rams and Cardinals both going 13-3 last year it could be a tough season ahead as with a season off the field Snap tries to get back into the flow of the game.

We will be back after pre season, to review what happened, who made the roster, the stars of camp and preview the season! Will try to at least do quarterly reviews as the Seahawks will set the bar high and Snap wants to break his divisional round curse and go all the way in season 1!


So it all went a bit quiet at the Clink, work in overdrive over the christmas periods and preparing for the christmas period, but this beat writer has a little time to bash one out…


Seahawks season did definitely not start as planned, the coach came into the position confident from previous years he would take over the division and march into the play offs a serious superbowl contender, but a lack of practice this year seen him slip down the pecking order. Every new term the list has some drop offs, some coaches rise to it and you get some who always adapt and compete at the top. Offence is killing the team but recent results suggest things are starting to get figured out.

The Hawks started 1-5, shock defeats to the Lions and Buccaneers were a big turning point and could have the biggest effect on the play off chase, after a 30-3 defeat against the Bengals, coach king was on the hot seat and talks of him being fired were circulating around Seattle. ‘Never go back’ was mentioned by various podcasts and news articles, Around the NFL’s Chris Wessling said times had changed and he was a football dinosaur, trying to be a run first team in the new Big Ten 10 Madden league, where air attacks like the Bills, Rams and Panthers were lighting it up.


With his neck on the line, King knew he had to try change the team and put his own stamp on it, the Hawks went out and traded for Tarik Cohen who was playing second fiddle to big name free agency signing who left the Hawks, Le’Veon Bell. That one trade transformed the teams offence and since Cohen has been on the roster have a 5-1 record, the only defeat coming in an unlucky overtime loss against the Rams. In those 6 games Cohen has put up 683 total yards and 7 touchdowns, Cohen being a big factor in the quick passing game has opened it up for Baldwin, Lockett and Mike Williams as well, that one trade turned the seahawks from 1-5 to 5-1 and it happens the Bears are one of the teams the Hawks are gunning down for a wildcard spot.

Making the play offs maybe a bit of a longshot being 2/3 games back and only 6 to play, but they have some tough games left on the schedule and will be more games under the belt on the new madden season to take into season 3 and get up where the team wants to be! Chopping and changing offensive playbooks does not help the team who still rely on the defence to put them in good situations to win, but once the team has a settled book the Seahawks should be up there! Thanks for reading, Go Hawks!!

Meet the Rookies

Seahawks HC Snapdan gave us unlimited access to the 2020 rookie class! Seahawks finished last year 9-1 and just missed out on the play offs, the coach was hoping for the new life to continue the good work that last years team started, hoping a better start would put them in the post season party! With a massive week 1 game against the Cardinals coming up, it feels like the team is already playing a must win game!

But lets meet the rooks, starting with talented pass rusher Henry Patrick


You became a twitter sensation during the week when a picture emerged Y training with you on top of Russell Wilson, did the coach get after you for putting taking down the star quarterback?

HP ‘Nah, the coach loved it, wants to see that kind of aggression and intensity in training, playing to win, whether its a drill cone or a Superbowl 3rd down, I bring it!’

Coming in from the Ducks, there will be plenty of fans in Century Link on Sundays who now have to cheer for you, after being against you on Saturdays when cheering for the Huskies! Will you win them over?

HP ‘of course, those fans in Washington were great and they saw me knock Jake Browning on his a s s 7 times in our last game, I am sure they are happy they got me to cheer for now instead of worrying what I am going to do to their QB’

Which player are you most looking forward to playing with?

HP ‘Frank Clark, he is a bad bad man’

Who is going to win defensive rookie of the year?

HP ‘ME!! Jared GUFF, Josh Rosen, Jimmy G, I’m coming for ya’ll

Who was your favourite team growing up?

HP ‘It’s the Hawks now! But as a kid it was the Cowboys, I am looking forward to week 2 already, the coach is a joker and I’m gonna sack Dak 5 times and give coach @helimachoptor the game ball as it’s the only thing he’ll ever win’

I was told growing up never trust a man with two first names, can I trust Henry Patrick?

HP ‘Dude, what the f u c k kind of question is that? Get the f uc k out of here before I beat your a s s’

Quickly I moved onto the next player selected, another first round pick, former Kansas State Cornerback Choike Burgess

Corner was the weakeast position on the team after the Coach traded Shaquill Griffin to the Redskins in order to reshape the team, you are a Seahawk because of that trade! How do you feel!?

CB – Great, I am an upgrade on Griffin, you watch in Washington he’s going to get torched! So excited to be here and link up with my former college Idol Tyler Lockett!

Tyler Lockett eh, has he been giving you any tips, you started in college as a WR and were moved to corner, will that help your game?

CB – Yeah Tyler has been great, I met him already in the off season when he visited KS a year ago, I am confident I know routes and can anticipate what a wide out is going to do, you saw this defence last year, the scheme is LIT!

When your name was announced in the draft, rumbles from the Bills draft room came that coach @Vondia called Snapdan a mother f u c k er and said the dude was projected 5th round! Does the faith shown give you confidence?

CB – Those comments are saved in my screenshots, I will be the one calling the Bills coach a mother f u c k er when we meet later in the year, Mahomes will throw the ball to me nd ima shut down the NUK! Bring it Cheddar!!

Seahawks also drafted Pierce Clayton from Mississippi St. Will you two take over as corner 1 & 2?

CB – It’s going to be a competition, Roby Coleman had a great year last year, but when we got guys like Frank Clark, Calais Campbell and Henry Patrick rushing the passer, QBs aint going to have time to throw it our way and if they do we got Earl Thomas and Jabrill Peppers out here covering us, this defence is gunning for a Superbowl and we could be the pieces need to it. Burgess, Clayton, Thomas, Peppers, yo 12s give us a nickname!

Coach King was getting up are a s s about taking to much time to do these when he had things and rookie tight end Taylor Baca was the last one we got to do!

Coming from Stanford, people expect you to be smart. Tell us something clever?

TB – 5318008 on a calculator spells b o o b i e s…. Just because we are smart doesnt mean we dont have BANTZ!

Tight end is considered a weak point for the Hawks, what type of tight end are you?

TB – I am pretty s h i t at everything, someone said they heard Snapdan shout f u c k when they unveiled my card, but ima prove him wrong and get better every day, I already know how I am going to keep my spot on the 53.

How is that?

TB – The whole 2012 best QB of the draft saga, I’m from Stanford same as Luck and even the Stanford coach said Wilson is better, I got a lot of stories and I will share one every week I’m on the team! Wilson alllllllllllllllllllllll day! I gotta go he is looking through the glass at me!

Hope you hawk fans enjoyed that 10 minutes of your life! We will bring more as and when! GO HAWKS!