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Kansas City Chiefs


Off-season recap

After heart breaking loss in 2017 wild card round against Tennessee Titans Chiefs ownership decided to trade away starting QB Alex Smith, fire whole coaching staff and GM Brett Veach. They put their trust to the hands of nicelub, who will be head coach and also general manager. Nicelub has 6 years of experience in this position. He already was HC/GM for 6 PFL seasons (2 with Bengals and 4 with Patriots).

First task in his new position was change of defensive scheme to 4-3. “I was very happy that Chiefs ownership decided to hire me, because I had them very high on my list, as I saw a lot of potencial in this team. Also I think we should not make a lot of changes in player personnel, because I think that we have players, who can play 4-3 defense.” Nicelub said at his introductory press conference.

It turned out to be truth, as a Chiefs made only few trades this off-season. They traded HB Charcandrick West to the Steelers for 4th round pick and DT McGill to the Texans for SS Campbell + 5th round pick.

Then Chiefs signed two players from waivers. RE Avril and RT Newton. “I am very happy with waivers. Avril gives us time to develop our rookie 2nd round pick Breeland Speaks and Newton will be starter at RG for us.”

After change of defensive scheme Chiefs defense will look like this:
Starters at DL will be Avril-Jones-rookie Nnadi-Houston. Starting linebackers will be Eligwe-Hitchens-Ragland. Top corners are Fuller and Nelson and safeties will be superstar Eric Berry and Sorensen.

On offense Patrick Mahomes era starts with this supporting cast. Speed demon Hill and former first round pick Watkins at WR. Last year rookie of the year candidate Hunt at HB and one of the best TEs in NFL Travis Kelce.

“Our cuts are done, our team sits at 53 players, but as always, I think there will be some tweaks after all teams will make their cuts. But right now I am pretty happy with my roster and we are ready to go, so Go Chiefs, Go! :chiefs:


Week 1 press conference

Chiefs lost, in game where Patrick Mahomes threw 4 interceptions, against division rivals Chargers 16:26.

“Obviously it is not a result in which we were hoping for. I am very disappointed with our offensive performace…4 interceptions, 2 were returned to the TD…that is just not acceptable! Our offensive line was ok in pass block, but run block was once again big problem and our running backs were nearly invisible. Of course that Kareem Hunt’s injury did not helped us, but even with him in the game our running game was non existant. By the first medical reports Kareem will miss next 3 to 4 games, which is obviously big blow for us, but injuries are part of the game, so we must deal with it. On the other hand I was pretty happy with our defense, which played really good. I am especially happy with defensive line, who put constant pressure on QB and recorded 6 sacks. Yes, today it was offense, who lost this game and if we want to win against Steelers, then we must improve. Thanks @Aaron


Week 2 press conference

Chiefs won first game of the season. Defeated Steelers 44:14!

“Really happy with this victory. It was complete team effort, where everyone left everything on the field. Patrick played absolutely great game and I am very happy, that he showed his mental toughness, as he put that bad game behind him, focused on training and played like true franchise QB. He was definetelly player of the game. Our run block was better and Damien Williams made some great runs. His injury is not serious and he will be our starter in home opener against 49ers. Defense recorded 5 INTs and also played good against the run. And finally DeAnthony Thomas scored kickoff return TD, so what should I want more? Like I said, I was very happy with all three phases of the game. Now we will focus on 49ers and we must play on similar level, if we want to win. And we want to win! That is for sure! Thank you @Sleepyzoid76. Go CHIEFS!:chiefs:

Week 3 press conference

Chiefs won home opener. Defeated 49ers 23:16!

“I am very happy with this victory. It was very tough game, as 49ers had very good passing game. For us key for the victory was that one interception, because otherwise 49ers moved the ball really well. Our pass rush was not very good, so we must improve that. Next key part for us, was our red zone defense, as we allowed only one touchdown.
In offense we played quite good game. We run well and P.Mahomes played once again great game with no mistakes.
Our best plays on offense was pass from Mahomes to Hill for very long gain right before half time. I was thinking touchdown, but sadly Tyreek was stopped at 1yd line, but still it was important 3 points for us. Next I want to praise DeAnthony Thomas. He scored another kickoff return TD and showed, how important player he is for us.
Thanks @Ken2Blitzkrieg

Week 4 press conference

Chiefs won against division rivals. Defeated Broncos 14:9!

“That was tough defensive battle. Our red zone defense was once again one of the key parts in our victory. Our offense started in a rhytm, but back to back sacks from Von Miller ended our changes for points. In next possesions our offense didnt had many chances and thanks to our defense it was only 0:6. Then Mahomes tried long pass to Tyreek Hill. He saw one on one matchup with safet, so he took his chances. It was a nice catch, missed tackle from safety and walk to the end zone for 71yds touchdown. Our running game was ok. Sometimes OL made really good blocks, but sometimes they did not even blocked. Hopefully our run block will improve next week, as we will host one of the best teams Jacksonville Jaguars. Next week we will finally have Kareem Hunt back, but I must say that Damien Williams replaced him very well. Thanks @fortworthjoe

Week 15 press conference

Chiefs won against division rivals. Defeated Chargers 12:9!

In this key phase of the season and after important victory Chiefs held press conference once again.

“Great team victory and we are back at the first place in the division and keep fighting for the playoffs!
Our defense played probably best game of the season. We did not allow single touchdown and few times Chargers were very, very close. Our redzone defense was simply fantastic. I also want to congratulate Breeland Speaks for his first multi sack career game. Sadly we can’t score more points as Chargers played also very good defense, so game was not decided until the last minute. Chargers went on long drive and were marching to the field goal range. Fortunately our back to back sacks made 4th and 24, which Chargers did not convert. With about 40s left we went 2 runs, sack and punt. Chargers have about 20s and no timeouts, but fumbled and safety on the next play decided the game. Thanks @Aaron


Kansas City Chiefs



Devin McCourty and HC Nicelub reunited!!

Big news Chiefs fans! Kansas City Chiefs just traded for FS Devin McCourty! Patriots received 5th and 7th round picks in this years draft in exchange. McCourty is 32 years old, but he is still very, very good free safety.
McCourty and HC Nicelub spend all four madden18 years together as Nicelub was HC of Patriots. McCourty played great football in those four seasons.

“I am really excited! We felt that we must improve safety position in this off-season and acquire player of Devin qualities is huge improvement. We played together four madden18 seasons and Devin was great player for us in every game and every season. He had ton of interceptions and in one season he was even defensive player of the year candidate! I am really happy with this trade and I really can’t wait to see our all pro safety duo work together.”


Kansas City Chiefs


Off-season recap

After not very good season with 9-7 record and first round playoff exit, Chiefs had very busy offseason so far.

Started with trade for safety Devin Mccourty (5th round pick in exchange). McCourty has expiring contract, but there is no doubt, that he will be quality starter for us this season.


Next step was signing of Dominique Easley, who will replace DE Allen Bailey. Easley is 26 years old and signed 2 year deal.


Danzelle Good signed 3 years deal. This huge offensive lineman will be backup LG.


Next offensive line signing was 26 years old Jamon Brown, who will fight in camp starting position at RG. He signed 3 years deal.


And probably biggest signing of the offseason happened yesterday, when Chiefs signed LB Bruce Irvin, who was cut by division rivals Raiders.Irvin signed huge 2 years, 17 milion contract, but with relatively small bonus, so he can be cut easily, if he regress next offseason.


Now we are waiting for NFL draft! Chiefs have plenty of picks, so can make this team even better. Go Chiefs! :chiefs:


Kansas City Chiefs


Draft recap

Chiefs entered draft with 8 picks in rounds 2-4 and drafted 8 good football players!

“I am really excited about our draft class…our scouting department did a great job and we feel, that we upgraded roster in all needed areas.” nicelub said.

Round 2 pick 11Safety Lumar Carpenter from UCLA, 77OVR

“Lumar has star development, good speed and we see him as our starting free safety. We were really happy, that he was still available, as we had 1st round grade on him. We will see how it goes, but he definitely has ability to start early.”

In third round Chiefs had three picks and selected one WR and two OLBs.

Round 3 pick 5Wide Receiver Moses McCauley from Harvard, 75OVR

“Moses is young, smart kid from Harvard. There was some speculations about his disagreements with teammates, but he was here for visit and we interviewed him many times. We feel, that he will be a good teammate and that he can help us. He is solid medium to deep route runner, just needs to work on his CIT and on shorter routes.”

Round 3 pick 11OLB/DE Curry Norman from Troy, 76OVR

“Curry was really fantastic pick. He is good, smart and versatile football player. We see him more as a pass rushing DE, but he can play OLB in both fronts as well. Plan is, that he will be 3rd DE in 4-3 formations and starter at OLB in some 3-4 packages. He can even start at weakside LB in 4-3, so he will definitely play a lot of snaps.

Round 3 pick 15OLB Vaughn Sharp from New Hampshire, 74OVR

“Vaughn is another very young player and he is solid cover linebacker, who will fit in our scheme well. He can be our 4th LB on depth chart.

In forth round Chiefs had another 4 picks and I think they hit almost all of them.

Round 4 pick 8LE Kyler Dutka from North Carolina, 74OVR

“Kyler is solid prospect for DL rotation and will be a backup LE this season.”

Round 4 pick 11LT Wayne Bowman from N.C.State, 71OVR

“I think this pick raised some eyebrows. Wayne is really good pass protector, but needs much work with his run block. We will see how much our coaches can develop him, but he can be depth player in this league.

Round 4 pick 26Wide Receiver Octvious Wiggins from Ohio State, 75OVR

“Those last two picks I am really excited about. We had higher grades on both players, so we were really excited, that they were still on board.

Octvious is really fast slot receiver with good hands, who is even really good run blocker…maybe even best at our team.

Round 4 pick 28Safety Karmah Nixon from Beth Cookman, 76OVR

“We finished our draft at high note. Karmah is really good safety and he will be a backup at SS behind Eric Berry.”