Heli’s best ever season – a Review

Well sports fans, we’re intp playoff territory now in the PFL so its time for the season reviews for the not quite good enoughs.

Included in this sorry list is Heli and his Cowboys.

After a poor year last year and all the analysts calling for Heli to be the NFC East wooden spooner.. Heli came out guns blazing in Week 1.

Week 1Vs Giants

In 2 games last year I got nowwhere near the @DanMcGrath77Giants, while they still got the W, it was a 5 point win. D Law gets 3 sacks and McCoy begins to become a proper dual threat out of the backfield.

Week 2 Vs Redskins

Similarly, Cowboys didnt get near @Toby Carswell and his redskins last year, it was all about damage limitation.

Cowboys defense managed to pick off the Redskins 3 times Vs 2 ints for Dak. Guice was “limited” to 90 yards and 0 TDS.

McCoy gets his 2nd Td of the season. This game was about limiting mistakes and being sensible with the ball and with that gameplan the Cowboys win by 1 point.

Week 3 Vs Giants

This one was a shootout, with the difference being the Giants threw 3 ints to the Cowboys 1. McCoy gets a pass and rushing TD. Jared cook who was acquired in a trade with @Shmarky Raiders last year gets 80 yards, sending him over 150 season to date. Dlaw racks ip 4 sacks, FEASTING against the Giants o-line. But Odell absolutely torches the Cowboys secondary for 170 yards. Poyer picls up his 3rd int of the season.

Week 4 Vs Bears

In all my time in the PFL, I think I’ve beaten @JA15 once, this was one of those games for Coach Heli to forget, 7 ints and no TDs. the lone bright spot being Dlaw getting another 3 sacks.

as @biharowski says “onto the bills”.
Week 5 Vs Bills

This was the battle Elliott & Woods Vs McCoy and Poyer, again this was pretty one sides, Cowboys running game couldnt get going and the passing game with 4 ints wasnt much better.

Week 6 Vs Panthers

The Cowboys really needed to get back to winning and had a game against what would end up being the 10-6 Panthers
Dak threw 2 TDs and 3 ints here, the swiss army knife McCaffrey was limited to 15 total yards, the Cowboys lost to a dying seconds FG to go down 27-24, but the signs off improvement were there.

Week 7 Vs 49’ers (CPU)
McCoy exploded out of the traps here with 120 rushing 2 TDs, 64 receiving yards and 1 TD and it helped the Cowboys win out 32-24. Cowboys WRs are all seeing the ball with Cole Beasley starting his run to become the WR with the most yards.

Week 8 Vs Lions (CPU i think)

Another one the Cowboys needed to win, Old time Sean Lee with an int and FF, McCoy with a TD and Poyer after a little hiatus starts picking the ball off again. Cowboys win 23-10. Part 2 to follow shortly!

Week 9 Vs Eagles

Key divisional matchup here with @hubblewiffle

I got 2 wins last year, but these games can go either way tbh. Dak is near perfect with 330 yards ,3 TDs and no ints.

allen hurns is the standout with over 100 and a TD. 4 sacks for the Eagles, Dak has been getting a hammering.

week 10 Bye Week (zero ints



Week 11 Vs Redskins

Guice is bottled up for the most part with 65 yards but still gets 2 TDs. Dak and the FB Tiffin get the ground scores, Dak with 70+ yards rushing


and Poyer picls off a pass.

Cowboys get the win again 21-17

Week 12 Vs Eagles ( think this was simmed)

Cowboys D pick off Stafford 5 times and knock the ball out 3 times, however the eagles have 5 TO’s and the Cowboys win 17-10.

Week 13 Vs Dolphins

I was confideant going into this game given @TopLoader struggles to date in the season. but wwith 40 rushing yards and the 3 ints, it was an easy day at the office.

Fins walk away with a 28-10 win.

I expected to lose the next 4 games…

Week 14 Vs Jets

@DaBurg864 has always beaten me, even in friendlies where hes telling me what he’s going to do


However with both QBs throwing 3 ints, Dak gets one TD. McCoy gets 100 yards even but the game winning play is to Cedric Wilson, wjo gets enough yards to get the Cowboys into FG range after the Jets had tied it 20-20. Bailey splits the uprights and the Cowboys get out of Metlife with a W.

Week 15 Vs Packers

@dr_volki had a great season, but i wasnt confident here. My aim was to keep the ball away from Burks but 2 early-ish ints to him and that was all she wrote.. Volki ran up the score too


Week 16 Vs Patriots

I needed to win this and @biharowski wanted to lose and despite the 2 of us playing the other way round the boys come out by 16-14.

McCoy goes over a ton again and cook has a solid catching day, Dlaw again is in the backfield for sacks.

Week 17 Vs Vikings

Those pesky giants just wont die, but still is a simple scenario, win and your in. and it goes bad right from the start.

Massive KO returns, fumbles and ints, even @HLR Milo commented my guys are running away from the ball carrier..

Cowboys put some gloss with a late TD but 41-18 loss tells you all you need to know and there’s no post season for the Boys.

Key Stats:

Passing: Dak goes 3820 yards, Averaging 8.9, but only 16 TDs and 45 ints. Sacked a whopping 95 times. This supposed elite line gets Dak killed, and its a real problem as I end up on X and long situations.

Rushing: a productive if not exceptional ground game, McCoy averages 3.8 per carry with a long of 51 and 10 TDs,and didnt miss much time. However too often his yards were less than 20 and he then refused to re-sign with the team. Dak had 449 yards… .

Receiving: Jared cook ends as the leading receiver with 59 catches for 778 yards, but Cole Beasley is on 759 and really only became a target after the bye week. MCCoy is has the most receiving TDs. Longest receiving play is Deonte thompson 66 yards for a play against the Jets.

Defense: Dlaw gets 24 sacks, but again refused to re-sign so he’ll be tagged again. Poyer picks off the ball 8 times with 1 TD and is the leading tackler with 57.

Thoughts for next season:

I need to be smarter with Dak, firstly not to be running into sacks, Id say half of those 95 are me running into defenders.

Ints, before each game i look a the opponents ball hawks and my aim is to stay away from them, that doesnt happen once the game gets going.

Spreading the ball around, this season my WRs seen more of the ball, but there’s still a huge reliance on the HB and TEs which for good players is easy to stop.

Sticking to the game plan, Vikes game was a prime example of this, get behind early and a bad situation gets worse trying to chase. Gotta be methodical, i was better at this this year than last but still a lot of room for improvement.


Likely wont have much cash due to DLaw, but I need a new kicker as Bailey doesnt have the leg, and a RB to support Ty Montgomery.

A big bodied WR is a need

Lets go 2020.