Arena Honours – 1st Edition

Welcome to the very first ARENA HONORS. With the first season ending tonight with the Draft it’s time to look back at the past Season.

First we honnor our Offensive Rookie of the Year*
He is the first rookie QB ever to win or even start in a Superbowl, from the Cleveland Browns Baker Mayfield

Now the Defensive Rookie of the Year*
This one is a bit more difficult, but the commitee (aka me) went with 49ers rookie olb Fred Warner.

After the Rookies we follow up with the best Players first of all
Offensive Player of the Year*
This honor goes to a player who was close to it until he got injured and his back up QB lead his team to a Super Bowl title. Yes it’s Carson Wentz.

Defensive Player of the Year*
With a league leading 25 Sacks thats 7 Sacks more then the number 2 in this categorie. From New England OLB Brandon King.

And the Final player Award for today is the MVP Title
Not much more to say here then he is the keeper of the new NFL Single Season Sack Record, so yeah you guessed it MVP is from the New England Patriots Brandon King(this was actually awarded by the game not by me)

After we are done with the Player it’s time to honour our Coach of the Year
He not only won the AP Coach of the Year but also the much more valuable Coaches Coach of the Year award. He took the reign of his real world Favourite team it’s @PatsUK.
After we awarded all Player and Coaches award we can’t forget to honor our newly crowned Super Bowl ChampionCBa6OOP.png

I want to congratulate all winner of this evening for there great Season.
To close this event I want to thank every Coach who took part in this Season and wish all of you good luck in the draft and next Season.

*because the game doesn’t have a offensiv/defensiv rookie/player of the year for the whole year. I don’t even look what the games has to say and name my own one