PFL Xbox Season 2 Ring Hunt

In terms of PFL juggernauts this year, maybe, the most loaded talent wise at the top end of the league. There are a number of people in each conference who will say they can win the Superbowl (Apart from PatsUK who will say he's lucky). Looking through the divisions you can make a case for someone winning the ring in both, if not multiple teams! So here is my opinion… I didn't take part in season one so not 100% certain what went down barring records! But here we go!

AFC Eas…Y!

3 PFL powerhouses under one roof, Vondia (Bills) & Toploader (Dolphins) met in a Superbowl on Madden 18 and built 2 of the most stacked teams the PFL have ever seen, they started with 2 of the worst the league has ever seen this year and reality hasn't quite settled in for Vondia.
Making another Superbowl which he eventually lost, but still got them there. Another year, draft and more trades and the Bills are almost unrecognisable from the dumpster fire he started with, will be a contender for sure.
Toploader didn't find life quite so easy after swapping his multi all pro Lions team for the Dolphins, though being his own team he will enjoy trying to build them more…or will homerism stop him from making the moves he needs to compete! After finishing 7-9 in year 1 you would expect an improvement and a fire back in the belly to get back to the dizzy heights he reached in Madden 18, but the division could prove too tough a task.
I said 3 powerhouses and thats because an old face just rejoined! Daburg is back and back in familiar territory, he has won a Superbowl for the Jets and is back to try do it  again, though this time could prove more different as the roster he was left with was seriously neglected and no one is trading with him :lol: You would expect his skill level to get him out of a few holes, but the roster could let him down when it gets to games with fellow big heads!
Rounding up this division and showing how tough it is, Bihrawoski, who has made massive improvements since Madden18 and shown the determination to get better, the AFC is again full of talented guys and its a testament to him that he made the play offs in year one with a 10-6 record! With another good player added to the division, the evidence suggests he will play up to his opponent and is living proof by playing the better players more often you become a better player yourself!

STANDINGS (prediction)
Bills @Vondia
Jets @DaBurg864
Dolphins @TopLoader
Patriots @biharowski

AFC West

This was a close division that went down to the last game for the decider for who was going to be the division champion. The Chiefs beat the Raiders to win the division in week 17.
Nicelub is the coach lucky enough to play with that high powered Chiefs offence and while having good ratings to start with, Madden didnt quite predict right just how good they would be! Nicelub's 9-7 record was enough to edge it and make the play offs. He is always competitive and rarely hands out big beatings and rarely beaten by big scores himself.
The Raiders and Shmarky were the real surprise package but just couldnt give the fairy tale a happy week 17 ending. Really had some struggles getting Ws on Madden18 and then taking on the in my opinion the worst roster in the league for Madden 19 I thought he would be lucky to get 3 wins, so to finish 8-8 in a tough conference and division with that team was a real coach of the year story. Made some nice moves in the off season and will be interesting to see if he goes up another level!
Aaron probably the biggest shock of the year by being so poor! Chargers are stacked and Aaron is a good player so to finish 3rd in the division with a 7-9 record is a real shock to me looking at the standings! New game not fitting right or mind elsewhere (ps4:lol:). Will surely improve this year and be back in contention for later play off stages
Another underperformer was FWJ, he got his hometown Broncos and this division looked like one of the most even in the league being difficult to predict with probably the Chargers favourites. But Joe and His Broncos went 3-13 and after making a few play offs last year I know Joe will want to be back in the mix this year for the end of season party. 

Chargers @Aaron
Chiefs @nicelub
Raiders @Shmarky
Broncos @fortworthjoe

AFC North

The Bengals romped their way to the title in this division last year and its difficult to suggest year 2 will be any different. The Bengals have some great 'Madden' players and zoso traded for a few more like Zach Cunningham. Zoso finished with a 15-1 record and no one got close to threatening him.
Sleepzoid of the steelers had a little flirt with the play offs but a holiday towards the end of the season ended that hunt, his Steelers roster is stacked and added a few more stars during the draft, he managed 6 wins last year and slow and steady improvement will be the goal again….also cutting down on the picks!
Willo finished closest to Zoso in terms of wins, with a 7-9 record and after almost leaving his position as Browns head coach decided to fight it out and stay, he has improved the again, moving up in the draft to take an early star and adding Jonathan Allen to create some interior pressure! Willo see's himself as a play off contender on Madden and is a better player than his record, funnily enough he always see's the Colts as a play off team and they never quite live up to expectations either…
Triangle King and his Ravens finish off the north, Lamar Jackson show didnt quite go to plan in year one, with a 3-12-1 record he almost walked away, but a last gasp win over the Raiders made him fight on, always keen to learn more asking questions and can see he wants to get better, now just needs to make his hand coordination match his mind and will be fighting! I have been there myself with a 3-13 record and as long as you get better every year not worse thats improvement!

Bengals @ZoSo
Steelers @Sleepyzoid76
Browns @Willo
Ravens @Triangle King

AFC South

The stacked Jags roster with a former multi Superbowl winning coach was a bad advert for the random draft process but he will argue others should have picked them! :lol: Ramsdan took home the AFC South crown and then lost out to the Bills in the divisional round. Bortles has issues but the new rookie didnt look the mustard in pre season so will the QB struggle still be real! He finished 14-2 and even had a few cheeky holidays! this is the type of team you'd build on football manager and then let the assistant do the work! lol Will be favourites again!
The Colts finished 2nd with an 11-5 record and with a year under the belt for Rayski this team should have got better, it was a young bad roster but that is better than an old bad roster! The Colts also fell in the divisional round against the Bengals, will be looking to make the play offs and possibly more as the roster should be better week 1 in season 2 than it was in season 1!
Texans coach Winti almost found himself the public enemy after giving Vondia more texans players like his precious nuuuuuk! But no one would ever pick winti as an emeny because he's just so nice to every one! He pulled off a couple of shocks including a victory over Rayski's Colts. Another who wants to improve and just needs to keep at it, an outside shot of a wildcard spot if the schedule and a few field goals fall in his favour.
Tripperman and the Titans unlucky to be in such a tough division, but he could set himself a goal of beating Rayski and Ramsdan and making one of them miss the party, I believe he actually did beat rayski last year and Trips main issue is consistency, maybe he hasnt took a break and has been labbing in the madden lab…Week 1's results the titans could be one to keep an eye on…

Colts @rayski
Jaguars @RamsDan
Texans @Winti26
Titans @tripperman28

Play Offs

NFC East

This division went to the wire and actually had 2 teams finish on the same record. Old boy Danmc's Giants and new boys Toby's Redskins both finished 10-6, the only difference was the Giants 5-1 division record v the Redskins 4-2, experience showed up?
DanMc loves to pound the rock, we all remember CJ2K from Madden 18 and this year when he landed Barkley we knew what was coming! Keeping Barkley on the field proved to be the biggest issue but he stll wracked up the yards, plus, having Odel Beckham as a fall back aint all that bad is it! Will be wanting to repeat his division championship but certainly will want to improve from the blow out loss in the play offs.
Toby and his Redskins learned the hard way how improved division wins are, could have been a great first season but making 10 wins and missing out on the play offs must have been a tough pill to swallow! Darrius Guice proved way to hot to handle for most coaches and he romped home all the awards and XP to himself, if he keeps him on the field he must feel real confident about taking down old Big Blue.
Hubble landed with the stacked Eagles but the performances on the field were incosistent, with big wins over guys like Stuey were followed up with let down performances in more favourable match ups. If he can cut out the picks he might fancy himself with an outside chance of making a bigger noise in the division. We have seen proof when he sticks to the game plan he can beat anyone.
Heli landed the Cowboys AGAIN, but so far the 'never go back' saying has been all too true, really struggled in year one, finishing bottom of a division he felt like he had a chance in, he traded away Zeke and maybe if he gets some more one on one sessions with Daburg he could have a bigger say in where the NFC East crown falls this year.

Redskins @Toby Carswell
Giants @DanMcGrath77
Cowboys @helimachoptor
Eagles @hubblewiffle

NFC West

The West had two teams finish with 13-3 record (the only division with 2 teams on 13 or more wins), so this was a regular season powerhouse. Bos was in a tough division with a bad team on Madden 18 and is now reaping the rewards of playing 6 tough division games a season for a year and flying with the Cardinals. Arguably the worst team in the division roster wise and then finishing out as winners and one of his losses was a sim i believe. Another year and a years improvement on the roster Bos will be looking for a deeper play off run.
Overduewand, another first year PFL'er and he's not american as everyone thought! He's a londoner! and this lucky londonder bagged a stacked Rams roster to play with and his skill level has matched the roster, making it to the NFC Championship game just missing out on a superbowl in a 16-13 loss against the Saints. With a years experience you would expect improvements this year.
49ers coach is of course Ken, who else? Ken is usually floating around the 500 mark on a season so he will be a bit disappointed with himself finishing with a 3-13 record, win or lose Ken is always gracious and is just here for the NFL fun!
Snapdan returns as the Seahawks which could make the divsion even more of a powerhouse or the Rams, Cardinals and Seahawks could all just take wins from each other, speaking in 3rd person is weird so I'm just going to say I'll win this division, screw you guys

Seahawks @SnapDan
Cardinals @Bos
Rams @overduewand
49ers @Ken2Blitzkrieg

NFC North

Of coruse just like Ken is the 9ers, Volki is the Packers, even in a simmed/random/blind draft they always seem to get paired! Volki is the best on the site at finding ways to lose, one year the tanking has to end and I thought looking at the members in this division it was very winnable for him and the tanking would have to stop! Maybe season 2 he will finally show us the real volki…
Milo, the local dingle bagged the Vikings and rode that defence all the way to the NFC North title, plus he showed the world what no one knew, how good Kirk Cousins was at using his legs! :lol: currenlty off sailing America, a slow start could hamper his play off chances.
Sparky had a few division wins with the Bucs during Madden 18 and must have fancied his chances at a few more in this divison with the Lions. A 5-11 finish might have been a bit of a wake up call and a few people were surprised to find Matthew Stafford in the free agents list! A Former NFC North QB is back, Teddy Bridgewater is the new man chosen to take the Lions to the next level.
JA got his Bears, unfortunately for him it was a week or 2 before they traded for Khalil Mack! Still like everyone in this division, will have been feeling like he could have won it. It avoided any Superbowl winners and possibly even contenders, but a disappointing first season with a 3-13 record, but could be one to surprise a few this year!

Packers @dr_volki
Bears @JA15
Vikings @HLR Milo
Lions @SPARKYR008


NFC South

A bit like when the Jags name was pulled out next to Ramsdan, moans spread the room when HitTheSticks pulled the Falcons and PatsUK pulled the Saints. Hitthesticks swept threw the regular season 15-1 only losing against the Redskins, he was full of confidence going into the post season but fell against the Saints and Patsuk who he had already beaten twice during the regular season. This year he's been making moves and signing ALL the waivers to make sure he can go another step.
Patsuk the superbowl champ! Always turns it on for the big play off games under the lights and always suffers a few hiccups during the season, people need to make sure his Saints arent invited to the post season party because thats when you see him at his best.
Woody was stuck in the division of death with the Panthers, injuring any of his division opponents players was a good goal to aim for, has improved since last year and finally rid of turnover Cam, will be hoping his new rookie QB is legit and getting a few more than the 4 wins he managed last year.
The Bucs had to appoint a new coach mid season after their old one stood down, did it weaken the division or make it stronger? It's too early to tell where Nillis falls in the power rankings but he will have to be a quick learner if he wants to make the play offs!

Saints @PatsUK
Falcons @Hitthesticks10
Buccs @NillisLukins
Panthers @WoodyMcWoodz

Play Offs