PS4 Primetime Football


PS4 Primetime Football


Introducing, new for Madden 19 at PFL, PS4 Primetime Football slots!

Going forward admins will designate an eligible game to be played as the Primetime Football game for each game week.

Then in the run up to the game throughout the gameweek we’ll promote the game through the site and on our twitter platform with previews, injury reports quotes from the 2 coaches involved etc with the game then being streamed as the Prime Time game.

Each week when the fixtures go up we will highlight the window for primetime football that week. This will usually be a window of between 8:00pm – 10:00pm on the night before each advance.

You as owners can organise your fixtures as normal and if it is due to be played in the window just let us know. Try to keep the window in mind and if you want to get involved make an effort play in the advised window.

To be eligible to be selected your game must:

1)    Be a User vs User game (Games vs CPU will only be considered in extreme circumstances)

2)    Game must be streamed by one of the participants

3)    Be organised to kickoff within the 2 hour primetime window

4)    Game confirmed by both participants within 48 hours of fixtures being posted

That’s it, we’ll do the rest, we might contact you on Group Me for a quote ahead of the game and maybe again after but nothing else.

Please support us in getting this new feature to your CFM off the ground!